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Thread: Bear - Migitation's o_O

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    Bear - Migitation's o_O

    As a Bear, i clearly don't have a lot of Migitation's to keep me safe, other than the soft absorb and dodge.
    I personally believe my current gear isn't too bad, it keeps me alive most of the time without needing most of my CD's on most bosses,
    My guild recently starting doing ICC10, while it's a lot of fun and a challenge, it's became a problem for me to MT, and now on Deathbringer Saurfang, its causeing futher issues.

    I tend to get around 42% Dodge in Bear (Pre-Debuff), Raid Buffed and tend to get 46% with Dodge Trinket, (Shaman Totems also) with 48k HP.

    Any advice on how i can boost my dodge or whatever would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, as a side note about not having my Weapon enchanted, im waiting until i can get Anguish to drop from ToTC10 man, and then getting either Blood Draining or Mongoose.

    Armoury : http://armory.wow-europe.com/charact...r&cn=Mooddrood
    Warcrafter : http://lightbringer-eu.warcrafter.net/Mooddrood
    Be Imba! : http://be.imba.hu/?zone=EU&realm=Lig...cter=Mooddrood

    Thanks in advance and for your time.
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    Why do you want to boost your dodge? What is the problem you're trying to solve?

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    Don't gem for hit or attack power, you need 8% hit to cap and you're just under 10% currently. Your spec seems suspect, as I don't have specifics on why you are having trouble tanking (are you losing aggro? are you getting killed quickly or healers going oom, causing a wipe?) I'd suggest reviewing Darksend's druid guide for advice on gems and talent builds.


    You shouldn't be concerned with raising your dodge in ICC, many threads have been made over it, and gimping health trying to make up for that lost 20% will end up causing you problems as a tank. It's much better to allow the dodge to passively collect through better gear than it is to take drastic measures of regemming and enchanting while sacrificing health to compensate.

    [Edit] I also forgot to mention, a lot of druids have problems on Saurfang when using the Glyph of Maul as it can cause the Blood Beasts to attack you if you get a maul off at the wrong time.

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