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Thread: Need a trink opinion....

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    Need a trink opinion....

    Ok...I currently have:

    Black Heart - +126 stam + armor proc
    Fervor of the Frostborn - +114 dodge + armor buff use
    Bitter Balebrew Charm - +170 stam

    I keep Black Heart all the time cause I love the proc rate I see with it and have been running with Fervor for a while (I have it macroed in with Shield slam, so that it's always on CD). But I've been wondering if the extra stam trink would make more sense over the Fervor. Here's the numbers I would be looking at:

    With the Fervor:
    HP = 38080 unbuffed
    Dodge: 28.07% unbuffed
    Armor: 27300 (avg boss fight with the trink use, I see this pushed up to around 30K without any other buffs or procs.....bosses usually don't hit fast enough to get all 5 stacks in before the 20 sec timer is up.)

    With Bitter Balebrew Charm:
    HP = 39840 unbuffed
    Dodge = 26.30% unbuffed
    Armor: 27300 (static)

    So I guess what I'm trying to figure out is that, from EH standpoint, is the extra 1800 hp worth the loss of the dodge and the armor buff every 2 mins?

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    For almost every encounter EH trinkets are better yada yada yada short answer is get the Black Heart and Glyph of Indomitability, the amounts of EH and good procs / on use seperate them from any other easily obainable trinket

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