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Thread: Frost DW Tank Spec?

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    Frost DW Tank Spec?

    I've just hit 80 on my Frost DK and would like to tank heroics with her when I have the gear. (I'm already Def capped but want a bit more stamina.)

    I don't really need to hear "Oh, you should use a 2H for tanking" etc. etc. because I don't really expect to be tanking ICC, this is just for heroics and whatnot. (Fifth 80, third tank, don't really feel like raiding on all three. :P)

    I'm just worried that I may not have the ideal spec. Is there any great guides y'all know about DW tanking?

    ^^ Me

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    Can't comment on your gear.
    Your spec is missing Rime, Blood of the North.
    Dump Merciless Combat.

    This might be a better spec for you. http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#j0EhZ...fuzAo0x:ksaVmM the unused point can go almost anywhere.
    I would recommend Frost Strike, Oblit, Icy Touch/Howling Blast for your majors, though others say Rune Strike, Oblit, Icy Touch/Howling Blast.

    Oblit is a Must for ANY Frost DK regardless if they are DPS or Tanking.

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