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Thread: Blood Death Knight-gear/spec help

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    Blood Death Knight-gear/spec help

    Hi, ill just start this off by posting my Armory link and Wow-Heroes:

    Current Raid progression is 7/9 25ICC with Putricide and Blood Queen still not downed.

    Ok heres what i would like to know.

    1.) I dont gem full stam...is my current gemming worth the loss in overall stam.

    2.) Im split between 2 diff trinkets: Juggernauts Vitality v.s. Corpse Tongue Coin
    Which would be used with my other trinket: Corroded Skeleton Key

    3.) Threat isnt an issue but are there other Blood Tank specs which would produce higher threat without loss of survivability.
    (the 2/2 pts in Icy reach is because I tank the range boss on Blood Prince Council)

    Please pick apart my spec and gear, i would like some serious advice on this topic.
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