Off-topic, but a question to Uglybbtoo - what is it about DK and fury dps that means they can rip aggro in 5-mans? It doesn't just seem to be they have high dps (they may do, but I haven't noticed that so much). Post patch I often grouped with a very good guildie gearing up his fury warrior and he was always commenting that he had to watch threat. And that was when he had mediocre gear - e.g. 219 weapons. Goodness knows how he is doing now with 264 ones.

On-topic: I have a palatank as my main and a warrior tank as my alt. Before 4.01 patch, I was much more impressed with my warrior - she felt much more responsive and dynamic; she was a joy to play. My palatank was uber but very dull. I was thinking of changing my main to the warrior. After the patch, the reverse if anything is true - I prefer my main. Maybe it is just the novelty of change - the patch changed palatank gameplay radically (at least superficially) whereas it left the warrior largely unaltered. I am finding the palatank has better survival and threat, which is probably not all explained by his better gear (5.6k GS vs 6.0 GS).

To be honest, the warrior and palatank perform and play quite comparably. It is still true that the palatank relies more on a set rotation whereas the warrior tank can mix it up a little by drawing from a larger tool box of situational abilities (charge, disarm, spell reflect, an interrupt ... these are all fun).