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Thread: Access to Algalon require hard modes on the same lockout?

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    Access to Algalon require hard modes on the same lockout?

    Hey gang,
    Hate to ask this question so late in the expansion. My raid team is attempting to clear Ulduar hard modes. There's a bit of confusion on whether or not you are required to kill all of the keepers on HARD MODE in the SAME lockout in order to gain access to Algalon? Or, does the player with the disc only need to be present when the four keepers are defeated in hard mode (regardless of the lockout)?

    Thanks for your help.

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    No, In order to access Algalon all you need is for whomever the player was with the Archivum Data Disc to be present to any 4 Keeper Hard Modes.

    They do not need to be within the same lockout, nor do they need to be the first Hard Mode kills of each boss you have completed. He/She merely needs to loot the sigils from each boss after they are defeated.

    Good luck!

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    Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!

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    Just in case you weren't clear on this:

    * You need to do one of the hard modes for Iron Council, loot the Archivum data Disc, and then start the quest line (find algalon's room, return and pick up quests to hard mode the keepers).

    * That person needs to loot the keeper's chests to pick up the sigils.

    * The sigils are returned to the quest giver and they get the key to algalon's room. From there, in any given week, all you need to do is clear to algalon's room (basically kill FL, XT, and some trash in the antechamber. No other bosses need to be killed).

    Odd side-note: you don't even need to kill Yogg-Saron to complete the questline to access Algalon.


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