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Thread: Warrior PvP - 232 Furious Gear vs 232+ PvE Gear

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    Warrior PvP - 232 Furious Gear vs 232+ PvE Gear

    Armory - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ar&cn=Vikstone

    I'm currently fury to maximize dps in raids. I've been traditionally arms, especially for pvp over the years, but I got stuck with a sword for my best 2-hander (Quel'Derrar Might of the Fury). My next best weapon is the Tyrannical Beheader. It's 232 dps and axe (+5% crit talent) but deciding between these two is another story.

    My main question:

    I use Wrynn's conquest battlegear (232) that I got with triumph emblems.

    But after getting shot down and beaten down so many times in PvP, I decided to get some resilience. The problem is that I play on an opposite timezone (India) so arenas aren't an option. The best PvP gear I can get is Furious.


    Now the main problem:

    Furious gives much less crit% but more stamina. Furious gives much less strength but gets you that juicy 4+% resilience.

    Which is better? Keep in mind I don't use all of Wrynn's gear. I use the Thunderous Rampage helm and I will be getting Ymirjar Lord's Shoulderplates (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50082) from Frost emblems to replace my shoulder slot (Paldrons of the Devourer).

    I don't know whether to stay in PvE gear or go for a full switch to Furious. The 2-set bonus to Wrynn's gives 6% arp in battle stance and an additional 2% crit in zerker - too good to pass up.

    The fact that my best weapon is a sword means goodbye to 5% crit from axe spec, which I would have if I were to use the tyrannical beheader instead. This leaves me with very low crit, which is a crucial stat for arms. If you don't crit as arms, you hit like a wet noodle. Not to mention with Furious, you lose a lot of strength as well.


    I currently PvP as fury but I don't like it as much as I did when I was arms, which is my primary spec since the beginning. Also, playing from India means over 500 ping ms at the least, so there's a .3-.4 sec delay per action, including chat. If I /wave for example, I would see it happen .3 seconds later.

    I compensated for that a lot and it's better but it's never as good as when I played from Chicago. The point is that Arms is just better suitable for me with those factors in mind.

    Except my main weapon is a sword, and furious crit sucks.


    So what should I do? Should I still get Furious for the resilience? Season 8 is coming up but relentless will be buyable with frost embs, still out of the option for me since I'm saving all my frost emblems for the tier 10 pve set.

    Otherwise this is my only compromise atm:

    -Keep Helm of Thunderous Rampage
    -Get the tier 10 PvE shoulderplates.
    -Use Quel'Derrar and go sword spec Arms (goodbye to a lot of crit)
    -Get Furious guantlets (for -3 rage cost for Hamstring)
    -Get Furious chestplate (replacing Wrynn's chestplate) - loses half a % of crit and some strength and a lot of arp
    -Keep two of the remaining Wrynn's pieces.

    So I get the 2 two-set bonuses from the Gladiator gear (+50 attack power and +100 resilience) and I get to keep the 2-set bonus from Wrynn's set (+6% arp in battle stance and +2% crit in zerker)


    What I want is a lot of crit. What I also want is resilience, but only ENOUGH resilience to increase survival in PvP, since that's the only reason to get it. Are two Furious pieces (.57 + .98 + 1.21 (from 2 set bonus) = 2.76%) enough for resilience?

    I really want to keep arp and the other pve benefits (almost soft capped with scorpion trinket). It's good against players.

    Is this the best route to go or should I just get all Furious and maximize resilience? Or are there other better items I should get instead?

    And suppose my crit is way too low. Is it worth using the Beheader axe instead of Quel Derrar (arms spec) for PvP and take advantage of more crit, or is that just a major downgrade regardless?
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    Next week the relentless gear should be available for low arena ratings - as in just get someone to invite you to their team and you'll instantly get a 1000 rating which will allow you to buy some of the pieces - lose 10 5v5 matches per week for ~340 arena points plus 175 arena pts per week from daily BGs. If you're going to wear 2 piece t9 the shoulder/chest are a great choice.

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