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Thread: how did you come up with your toon names?

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    Nov 2009
    here is original
    i took my nickname and stuck man on the end of it

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    Jan 2010
    North Carolina
    My very first toon, and hunter, was Banterloft. This was a random gen name from a DnD toon I played years ago.

    My DK is Daedalous - Icarus' father from mythology.

    My Shaman is Icarus - ... Son of Daedalous in mythology. lol

    My Priest is currently Varudu. His origional name was Varu, named for one of the first people that really took me under their wing back in Vanilla WOW and showed me the ropes. His EQ toon was Varu. When I transfered him from alli to horde recently I went with Varudu. My own little spin on Voodoo.
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    Feb 2010
    My first toon is my Druid named "Gory" which is basically the last 4 of my full name Gregory and a nickname I had.

    The 2nd toon I made was a Warlock named "Trublood" I got the name from one of the players last name on the Tampa Bay Buc's football team years before the HBO show of the same name appeared.

    My mage is named "Luxx" got that name from one of the sisters in Virgin Suicide, Kirstin Dunst character is named "Lux" and really thought it was a cool name.

    Shaman is named "Osca" well because I couldn't think of a name and "Shamwow" was taken.

    Last but not least my Paladin..his name is "Boxlunch" because my GF thought it was the funniest name for oral sex on a women and I had to lock it in before she did

    Oh and my DK is named "Bionaire" and I got that name off the remote control that works the fan in my room.

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    Fledern: The first comic book i read was Batman and it was in German (i didnt know a single german word at thetime but i still fell in love with the character). Batman still remains my ultimate superhero. I chopped off the maus bit from the german for bat, added an "n" to sound a little harsher & clicked the "create" button.

    Gulyabani: This is a wraith-like old hag from a famous story. She would either terrorise or just sit by a fire to have a chat with travelers camping at night. Seemed an appropriate name for an already dead female toon.

    Muezzin: Preacher in the muslim world. Started life out as Flamebeard due to the red beard & being a dwarf (i like cheesy names), then got renamed during a server transfer

    Shadowsting: Rogue. Like i said. I like cheesy names.

    Magaena: The "Jealousy" personification of the three Furies in mythology. Furies in roman, Erinyes in greek myth. I'd have much preferred Alecto (Fury) but that was already grabbed by one +P=(%/'+=(%/!+=(&/!+&! ganker rogue...

    Bleu: Well, she's draenei and very blue...

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    Apr 2008
    Berlin, Germany
    Warrior - Briggs - Named after a Football player
    Mage - Nevoron - I came up with that myself and I have now idea how
    Priest - Stanhope - Named after Comedian Doug Stanhope
    Warlock - Amped - Just needed a cool name and though of that snowboarding game I used to play on Xbox

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    Dec 2008
    Tumora Paldin
    Chaunteah - Warrior
    Shandril - DK
    Myztra - Mage
    If you know FR you will see a Patten.

    Also have a priest named Mizariz, old name that stuck since CS 0.7 - Dunno how i came up with it.

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    Ogun - In Haitian Vodou and Yoruba mythology, Ogun (or Ogoun, Ogun, Ogou, Ogum) is a loa and orisha, who presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and war. He is the patron of smiths and is usually displayed with his attributes: machete or sabre, rum and tobacco. He is one of the husbands of Erzulie and is a husband of Osun and Oya and friend to Eshu in Yoruba mythology.

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    the first name i had for my warrior was gorby, which was what my friends called me back in high school (long story). i later switched to destruyen after being bored at work and reading it on the back of an air freshener can and thinking that it sounded pretty good for a warrior.

    my shaman's name is a spin-off of my old warrior's name and it's gorbachop. i made him to be enhancement so i added the chop part to it. i referenced this in vent once when someone was assuming i was going to heal and i said, "his name is gorbachop not gorbachainheal". these days its more gorbaheal though...

    didn't get creative at all with my dk's name since i wasn't planning on playing him, was just going to use him as a herbing/mining farm toon so his name is destruyenlol. now lvl 80 and i'm trying to tank on him >.>

    for my druid that i'm currently leveling i named him stolitchnaya. kind of a reference to the cleavland brown show with the bears being from russia.

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    Depending on the game I'm playing, but more often than not the name has to do with the character in a sort of way. Inasense- rogue- Innocent in a sense, Harnessa, warlock- harness power, Except for some characters I have a main name I'm not posting here on all my servers and for tanks I like to name with heart breaker in the name because I break hearts.......... with my sword/axe/mace/w/e

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    Azretha is how I would have transcribed a certain part of Archimonde's spell to destroy Dalaran. No idea why I choose that for a druid getting on Vent with people made me change the pronounciation, though, and people still shorten it to "Az".

    Aeltyra was originally Aeltyr, the angel Tyrael from Diablo II with messed up spelling. The character was sex-changed to a female Human, and I added an a to make it sound more feminine.

    Suunya comes from the Sanskrit adjective śūnya: zero, nothing, empty (as in: I can't come up with a decent name so I'll write "nothing" here) Because the ś didn't carry over into WoW, the name is also pronounced differently by my raid leader and I've taken over this wrong pronounciation soon-ya, or sometimes sun-ya but originally it's supposed to sound more like shoe-nya.

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    Jím and Jímmi are both names I go by IRL. They were both taken with normal I's on my realm, but the characters are never online.
    Rándalla is a character from Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2. the funny á is a continuing theme from the í's in my other name.
    I am also now leveling toons called Jéssie and Jéssica. Following on from the Jím and Jímmi theme. Jessica is what I would have been called had I been born female.

    Most other names I use I rip from obscure characters in games I like. Even had an alt called 'makinabrew' once. But I deleted it as the name was silly

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    New Zealand
    Im naming my Cataclysm Warrior(yet to be made of course)Federation, after my homeland, the Russian Federation.

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    Holis, name randomizer. Kept clicking til something stuck.

    Timpani, my druid. I play drums and percussion. I thought Timpani would be an appropriate name for a druid (and was shocked to find that name not taken considering I didn't make my druid until TBC.)
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    Perphecshun - perfection was taken so I spelled it phonetically
    Ahrana - I liked the name, its a troll shaman and I think it fit her quite nicely
    Explicit - My rogue, dont really know why I picked this name, it just was the first thing that came to my mind when ninja was taken
    Hotsfordots (with weird letters I cant do on this computer >.>) - my priest, he was originally going to be a joke character, but I leveled him up to 80 and hes my healer.

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    For every character I name I look up like Greek or Irish names (because I'm Irish) and look for a meaning that pertains to my class.

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    My favorite character name I've made was "Ruthchris" the tauren DK on a diff server, and tauren druid on my own. One day our server went down during a raid so we all made tauren death knights on a different server. Most people named them [theircharname]moo (Tezzymoo, Airmydmoo etc) but I thought Ruthchris (after the steakhouse, Ruth's Chris) was awesomer.

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    What I do to name my characters is just bash the random button a few times to find one that sounds half decent, then add and remove letters from it until I find something I really like.

    It's how I got Terae...

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    Hunter-Zumhug- Orc (1st toon to 80)got it off a naming site. Last time I checked there were 4 of them. Sounded cool to me.
    Paladin-Chasey- Belf Rolled pally right after I bought TBC xpac. Never touched the toon, but was named after my fav porn star. Name has stuck.
    Priest-Zasey- Belf off shoot of Chasey.
    DK-Khasey-Belf well...duh. Wanted to stick with a theme.
    Paladin (alliance) Byka-Human not sure how I came up with the name but its very catchy.
    Warrior-Zugo- Orc fits with the Zumhug thing.

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    Missouri USA
    My sister is the one who got me started on WoW. So when we got to the name part of my character i said "I have no clue what to name him" and BAM! there it was! What better way to show that I had no idea what i was doing! So my first toon was named NOTACLUE- a pally tank. Then I was gone for awhile and when I came back I decided I wanted to try a DK (now my "main") so my next toon i named NOTACLUETOO- an unholy dps DK- it seemed fitting. I also have a name reserved for Cata for my Worgen- NOTAWEREWOLF- to continue the "NOTA" line which is what friends in game usually call me. And my bank toons are BANKYMCBANK AND BANKYMCTWO for obvious reasons.
    Notaclue - The name says it all!!

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    Alphen aan den rijn / The Netherlands
    my old main's name ChemiKill I got it from the song ChemiKill from Exodus and I like the song and needed a name and never got rid of it.
    and for my main atm Neomys, a friend of my was using it on a other server and I couldn't think of one and kinda stole it from him :P :$.
    my alt that I faction and sever changed Libertel I needed to name change it(dunno the other name) is a old mobile phonecompany here.
    and my other alt Duwen (means push/pushing), thought you need to push button's so I made that name up :P
    and my last alt Coulorite, got the name from a sticker on my old laptop that had a colourite(something) in it, and thought to use it as a name only I typed it wrong :P
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