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Thread: how did you come up with your toon names?

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    My rogue I named Reeve because it just kind of popped into my head.

    My warrior I named Reev because it was like my rogue.

    My hunter I named Reav because it was like my warrior.

    My Death Knight I named Reiv because it was like my hunter.

    My Shaman I named Rheev because it was like my Death Knight.

    My first paladin I named Animasanto, which is Latin for Holy Blood, as a blood elf pally.

    I deleted that pally and named the new one Veere, because it was a transposition of the letters in Reeve.

    My lock I named Umbran, because the umbra is the area of total shadow.

    My priest is named Oxymoron, because it's an undead priest.

    My mage is Blastermastr, because I couldn't think of anything better.

    My druid is named Versa for her versatility.

    So most of my characters were named based off of a completely arbitrary name I came up with 6 years ago.
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    My first character I named "Fellowis" after the brand Fellowes which my mousepad is from. Was the first thing I saw and I'm not that orginal.

    I got a priest called "Thinkaboutit". Found it pretty awsume untill people started: You have 'tit' in ur name -_-

    And my paladin is called "Buffalowings" which I pretty much stole from the internet cause It made me laugh. I was a close battle with Retbull but since I'm going prot that wasn't a real option.
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    well my orignal names for my chars were

    kyouzenkiru - death knight - abritrary name that soudned cool to me, turns out it can be translated to pure unstoppable death or somethign similar in japanese, found that out and was like, COOOOOL

    now illidra, something even more arbitrary.

    my mage was baine just coz bain was taken - now call sheeped ( quite appropriate for my pvp toon)

    my hunter is - illidrakek arbitrary

    my paladin is called wotsits coz i liek wotsits and many people find the paladin class cheesy and OP, suck my 4.6 ret biyatch.

    my druid is a tauren called manurebad - also pvp :P

    my shaman is wtfiztotemz just because no one can ever truly be sure :P

    my warlock bank alt is called draintrain.

    my rogue is call phuquitz ( fuckwits )

    and my priest is called hogger, because i'm jsut that pro.

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    Re: how did you come up with your toon names?

    Adillysse arose from me name changing, spamming the "name" button until I found something non~obnoxious, and the altering that.

    My DK (Therise) got her name from a loose approximation of my warrior's original name.

    A "Kukudhi" is Armenian for a vampire in the final stage of development. A Kukudhi can move in daylight, is viewed as a bringer of disease and pestilence, and makes a pretty badazz name for a Warlock.

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    Boughb.... because Bob was taken and I am not much for Robert or Rob
    Denrick my DK.....honestly thought it was taken but you have to check!! from the borad game heroscape!
    Heretic my shammy.. cause most healers folow some holy law.
    Saint my priest.. and heretics evil twin lolololol
    Bartemaus my druid from a charicter form a kids book who takes many forms
    Lorax...my gnome warrior who speaks for the trees!
    I tend to work a theme for each toon as example
    OZ....Oz is a dreni pally... thinks he is a gnome I had to do really stuid things to make him gnomyyy earning of gnomeregan title.. repgrinding at 20 so my mounts could be mech striders and the pets are all mechano.. I have talked so much junk in guild chat and the chivos I earned had to many people beliving that I have a gnome pally..

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    Some of my toons names are from songs , some are interesting
    just like ' littlepopeye ' that's a Gnome warrior

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    My Paladin's Name is sledgehammer because when ever you see or picture a pally ... they have a big a$$ hammer in their hands
    Shaman is Megawatt ... i thought it was very fitting since they deal with thunder and lightning
    Worgen Druid is Rampantbeast ..... seems fitting on both counts for a worgen and druid
    Warrior is Shinyplate ... its unique and i like it

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    Well, Rystrave came from when I was naming my air ship in I think was FFX or FFIX, I don't remember. I named my ship 'Rystravia' after just choosing random letters that sounded good together.

    Scarns is just a combo of my RL first and last name.

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    Enhancement Shaman - Meshuggah is yiddish for insane, and also one of my favorite bands.

    Shadow Priest - Gojira. Also a band, but more importantly Godzilla's japanese name

    Feral Druid - Asbjorn. I love the show Metalocalypse, so I wanted a swedish name for my bear. It means "Divine Bear"
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    A lot of my characters' names sound like they're from an anime of some kind. For some reason, I'm just good at coming up with japanese-sounding names. (Sinji, Reonoke, Morinoko, Terikashi) Then there are others I think go well with the class/race of that character. (Thaluman [Worgan Druid], Karamesh [Worgan Warrior].) If it's in the dictionary, I don't use it for naming my characters.

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    My first ever toon in a MMO (The Realm Online) - SmashingChickens. Was supposed to be SmashingKittens (An inside joke involving roadkill and "Bullet With Butterfly Wings") but my ex wife asked me what I wanted for dinner at the naming process. 6str, 2end giant warrior.

    85 DK - Formerly Hades. Currently Pvtsnowball. What better represents death? Changed after a server xfer. DW Frost spacegoat.

    84 Shaman - Charon. Ferryman across the river Styx between the land of the dead and the realm of the living. Enhance/resto spacegoat.

    25 Mage - Cryomaniac. Frost human, leveled (almost) exclusively in Warsong Gulch. I love a good CTF match.

    82 Paladin - Honor. Originally created with the idea of naming the guild (and subsequent arena team) "Redefined". This guild name was taken, so we chose Crucified instead. Was intended to be leveled with Payne (Shadow priest) and Rage (Arms Warrior), but split up with my ex-gf who plays the priest. Ret/Holy Dwarf.

    56 Druid - Theboom. Guess what spec he is! The only caster I'd never played. Nelf Boomie/Resto

    40 Shaman - Voltage. Another spec-based name. Ele/Resto Dwarf.

    29 Rogue - Sickmidget. A play on the poison aspect of a rogue. Assassination Gnome.

    80 Hunter - Orion (with a bunch of crazy characters since everyone and their mom names a hunter Orion). Very fitting for a huntard. He even uses a bow! MM/Surv Nelf.
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    Idiotank - Id10t has been a tag I have used in game since the days of TF2, and I wanted to tank on my warrior.
    Idtent - read it as ID10T
    Layonh˛˛ves - Tauren Holy Paladin ([Lay on Hands] has /bonk macroed to it)
    Dumblock - a bit of a play on dumb luck
    Idiotankh - Shaman
    Knifetomeetu - Just thought it would be a nice way to introduce my rogue to the alliance. [Shadow Step] [Ambush] dead gnome.
    Wintaizcomin - Frost mage cause I like game of thrones.
    Drunkenidiot - Best brewmaster monk name EVER.
    I may be an idiot but you are arguing with me. What does that make you?

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    First toon was my lock named dieuglydie since I have been using that name for games for a while.
    Second toon was my shammy named Ihateyoutoo since I figured quests that used your name it them would make it funny to read.
    Next is a dk named bbthorton because I had just finished watching bad Santa.
    Then the druid Manbearchick, cause well that's just funny.
    Then a hunter, Dirtycows, don't know why.
    At the start of cata made a Tauren Pally named Clampers. Futurama was on.
    Started a Goblin Warrior, named her Meatgazer.
    Now I'm leveling up a mage. Pissyouoff.

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    My main's name used to be Imadrunkorc. I thought it was cool, but it also had a level of immaturity. Eventually the name got reported; painfully enough, though, as I was logging on for a raid. So I thought of a name quick and sporadically, and it ended up being Krekentaur. On the brighter side of it all, the name stuck, really well, like snow on wet ground. I've had too many compliments on my name to count, and I've heard Krek so many times, when somebody says, "correct," I hear it wrong, and respond with a a lazily pronounced, "whaa?"

    EDIT: grammatic errors.
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    My Tauren Hunter is named Silvarus. It's a common name I use for the forums and I liked the name.
    My Tauren Shammy is called Crowwing, well because I liked the name. D-don't think I'm weird but I'm writing a character fiction about him.
    My Troll Druid is called Motiji. Because "Mot" is an Egyptian god of death, and "iji" sounded troll-like.
    My Nelf Druid is called Lenata. Because I thought it sounded cool.

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    I just do random name generators, except for my 2nd tank which had the name "dwarfisshort".

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