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Thread: how did you come up with your toon names?

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    The Alphabet and randomly crossing out letters until I had 5 letters left. It was sorta difficult to sculpt 4 vowels and one consonant into anything that could be enunciated with ease. To this day I still don't think the enunciation I use is correct for the spelling.

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    When I first started playing MMO's, way back in the beginnings of Everquest, I was reading this "guide" of sorts that a fellow wrote about playing a Troll Shadowknight.

    The game being what it was at the time, this guide was really more about fun RP elements, style of play, etc. One of the big suggestions was to name your character something really memorable and different so people would remember it. I saw a lot of people with the standard "Darkshadownightkiller" names and lots of "Quinthalasaslasa" elfy names and I figured I'd do something totally goofy and named mine after an ice cream flavor, Bovinity Divinity.

    The name pretty much stuck and I've used it in pretty much everything I do on the internet now. Sadly WoW doesn't allow surnames so I can't be "Bovinity Divinity" anymore, but Bovinity works just fine.

    Of course, it's not as unique as it once was - every damn server has 50 tauren named Bovinity or some variant it seems - and everyone thinks that it has something to do with Tauren in my case too, but oh well.

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    how did you come up with your toon names?

    Main: Information - I was kinda (am) the go to guy in our guild when it comes to mechanics etc so it felt natural xD

    Rogue: Slyter - Sly is essentially synonym to rogue/tealthish etc.

    Druid: Lycane - from lycanthrope, yes it's a worgen.
    Rest are just randomly figured out names that I like, some from books etc
    Lintilla, Nergala, Vergere(from a star wars char)

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    Re: how did you come up with your toon names?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazeyonoma View Post
    My original toon was named Takayonoma from EQ, i had a friend who for whatever reason liked to name his chars with a K and a Z in them almost always, and since I was rerolling as an Iksar Monk, i said eh, sure why not, and he came up with Kazeyo, and i went with Kazeyonoma. Sometime before I played WoW and after I quit EQ, i found out this friend (who'd I lost touch with overtime), had committed suicide, and his grandmother contacted me by pleading with SoE to search his friends list about anything she could about his very quiet/lonely life that he spent mostly playing games, and she found on his computer he only listed 2 people ever as his friends, I was one of them. Ever since then, I also name my toons after the char name he gave me just to keep his memory alive.
    That's deep man.

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    You remember Beavis and Butthead right? When I sat down to try the trial version I really didn't think the game would be any good. 3 years later Bungholio is a tough level 85 warrior. LOL

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    By reading just the first page of this thread, I feel a little out of place considering most people have very nice reasons for the names they chose. That being said...

    Crittable - Warrior tank - I wanted a reaction from the healers and dps of the groups that I was tanking for when they saw that their tank, who's supposed to be un-crittable, was named Crittable. I've gotten the reaction many times and I laugh every time.

    Forsaken - Undead priest - Do I have to say anything about this? I was able to get this name many many years ago and I kept it saved until I felt like playing a priest about 2 years ago.

    Scorching - Fire/Frost mage - Didn't know that they would eventually have a spell "Scorch" but I figured it fit a fire mage 6 years ago.

    The other toons that I have aren't really that special... Zyraen (human pally, named from my froglok pally in EQ Zyraen Zafrogg), Nitelyter (druid made with my wife's warrior Starie, just felt they went together well), Ulg (Orc DK, thought the name fit well and was easily spelled and spoken), Rawvoltage (back then shamans = lightning bolts, to me at least), and then my new little goblin Lilgreenman.

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    Nixk - back in 1999 I was first getting into half-life multiplayer with my roommate. We would stay up for hours playing, drinking and chain smoking.

    When I first created my Half-life account, by mistake I put in an X where the c in my name should be. I must have spent two days wondering who this nixk guy was who kept stealing my kills ! It stuck ever since.

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    Most of my early toons were random ancillary characters in Wheel of Time series. And then I went to a phase where I dreamed up names just out of the blue. Recently, I have just started cheesing WoW names not taken up ("Anvina", "Kajore" for a goblin, etc.).

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    Ahh... back in the day I only had 2 toons that I really played enough to make them count.

    My warrior tank was named Nightwisher. I got the name from a finnish band that I was really into at the time.

    I had a draenei paladin named Baruque, a name I was using for one of the characters in a book I'm writing.

    Oh. I also had a level 5 orc named Ipwnsdotcom. =D

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    Cridersis is an anagram of Red Crisis which has been my internet nick for as long as I can remember. And I have no idea where I got that from.

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    My tankspot username used to be a name I had for a toon that I came up with but, I don't use that name anymore.

    My mage is named Myrddin which is a variation of Merlin, and I named him that after the Ancient, Merlin, from Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Merlin
    I made an undead hunter named Msixteen after the M16A2 Rifle.
    My goblin rogue is Analalan...just because I had to have a pretentious name for the guy who'd cause so many ppl so much grief.
    My warrior is named Campeón, which is Spanish for Champion
    My horde pally is Saintbovine....because Holycow was taken.
    My troll druid is Oráculo, Spanish for Oracle.
    My dwarf priest is Barba sacra or Sacred Beard
    My dwarf dk is Barba podrida or Rotten Beard or Putrid Beard
    Speak out! Ask for Stargate Atlantis to be brought back!

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    Stonefire - Dune movies from the bomb they referred to as the "Stone Burner". But for a name Stonefire sounded better.

    Zelfin - just a randomly thought of name while playing AD&D. Converted it to WOW when i started playing. I had created a webpage dedicated to the AD&D campaign and soon after got an email from a man in Australia. Said he named his son Zelfin and was curious what the name meant. He eplxained that during his research he found that it was a rare name used for Satan/The Devil. Being properly disturbed I saved the emails for proof and changed my warrios name to Klucknar. Oddest thing that ever happened for a toon name i chose. the rest are just random thoughts.

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    My shamans name is my name, Cara.
    She was originally Vindicated, which I made because I felt I was vindicated from a past relationship. (not the song like most people think)

    Before that, my main was a mage named Mahailah, which is my friends daughters middle name.

    After that I was Calerah and Caeyllana. Friends named those characters.
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    Random name generator!! I ended up pretty satisfied. Calil, Kaeld, Kellent, and Ferim.

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    Raliant was rather random and my DK is named "Raliants"...was a thing in my first guild, almost everybody mada a dk and almost everybody used their main toons name with an "s" at the end. No idea why.

    All my other toons have their names from Tarantino movies since I just love them.

    "Yubari" from GoGo Yubari - Kill Bill
    "Winnfield" from Jules Winnfield - Pulp fiction (and still people in every 2nd random tell me I make them wanna smoke -.- )
    "Ishii" From Oren Ishii - Kill Bill

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    Bonesaw - my first character, a rogue... thought it would be a funny/cool name for an undead dude stabbing things. Influenced by both an actual bone saw and the Macho Man's character in the first Spiderman.
    Lothur - similar to Anduin Lothar, though I was a Horde paladin. Figured it was fitting as well.
    Grimrok - Orc Death Knight, when trying to think of a name a buddy yelled it out, it stuck, and a bunch of other alts are varieties on it. It's both Orc sounding and was unique at one point.

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    My main is a warrior, Nyyx, slight alteration of Nyx Greek goddess of the night. Kinda like me
    Rowanne is an Shaman. Its considered a magical name and I thought it was fitting.
    Then Blackwidow, a Worgen Rogue. Thought it was just cool.
    Deathbydot a warlock, name says it all.
    Horizon a druid. It seemed like a nice name for a druid.

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    I sort of just ended up with Savannah. Even though Gul'dan was and still is incredibly low pop and the server had only been up for perhaps a week when I created my priest, about fifty of the names I tried were taken. My friend was making a themed guild but all the names I tried didn't work; I also tried anything dead sounding because I had Role Played for years before I started WoW. I'm not sure why I tried Savannah but it worked and it stuck. My friends and guild members call me Sav out of game too. It was never a name I actively sought, but I'm incredibly happy I ended up with it.

    My mage, Lien, is actually named after my Dreadknight in Vanguard. I picked it after hours of searching baby names websites. It means Lotus apparently.

    My paladin, Oeleandra, is named after a character in Elizabeth Hayden's Symphony of Ages series.

    I named my shaman Aquaria, because I'm an Aquarius (though apparently I'm now a Capricorn despite how much the western world tries to resist the science).

    My rogue, Alizee, is named for the popular French singer.

    My warrior and alliance mage are named Kailey after Kaylee from Firefly (I've never liked the correct spelling).

    My DK, Ilyana, and my first paladin, Nephalor, are named after characters in my homebrew RP from high school.

    I named a rogue Eugenides at one point, and a priest Hephestia, after the main character and goddess in Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief, which I read and adored in fifth or sixth grade.

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    For my first toon, I google some page of random gen, elf names

    For my DK, I wanted to be Unholy so I chose Venomlord.

    For my Warlock I chose Nihilophobia, the fear of nothinghness or the void, thats why it comes from Nihilism.

    For my Shamy I chose Aldous Huxley, the one who wrote "brave new world".

    For my Druid I chose Zulzanza ("Zul'" = prefix, describes a voodoo master, "Zanza" a Troll character).

    For my Rogue I chose Assange, for Julian Assange the most important guy of this year I think.

    For my Paladin, I chose Brokenhoof coz... well, its a tauren with a broken hoof

    Best Regards!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savannah View Post
    My rogue, Alizee, is named for the popular French singer.
    This better be a Female NE rogue.

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