So i recently got my warrior alt to 80 and did heroics for badge gear, bought every BoE possible and got geared fairly quickly to the point where toc 25 is laughable and the only things interesting to tank in my gear are icc 10/25 and togc10 (i would say togc 25, but there is no way i'm getting my GM to let my alt tank that when i can tank it in my sleep on my main. )

once my stam set started getting towards the 245ilvl average i found that i was getting rage starved in heroics and my usual single target tanking spec/glyphs were rather lack luster for doing my daily heroic for frost badges and tanking trash was near impossible. (i'm used to tanking on a DK) since i have dual specs already i decided to make my 2nd spec an AOE/heroic tanking spec and put a few points in furry for the rage generation/ improved cleave. with glyph of sunder, blocking, and cleave and stacking block gear till i turn purple (easy to do as a night elf ) i'm finding heroics easier but still having a few dry spots when i'm chain pulling heroics or tanking altcrown runs (alt icecrown) and ppl are doing the usual 10k dps on trash. anyone got any sugestions?