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Thread: HALP! need advice.

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    HALP! need advice.


    My current talent build with my gear, I know I need to run the 5 man ICCs for a shield and weapon I have already tanked 10 man ToC and was gonna try to OT 25man ToC this week if my guild will let me.

    Looking for suggestions on upgrades and any fine tuning i can do on the gear/spec.

    Thanks for the advice in advance

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    Change weapon enchant to mongoose

    Change chest gemming to 3x 30 stam gems

    Put a 30 stam gem in place of the 10def/15stam gem in your bracers (generally go for +9stam or higher, but it's not terrible to go for a +6 stam bonus, but you do lose 9 stam to pick up 10 defense).

    I'd say 18 stam to shield, but people sometimes fight me on that.

    18 stam to gloves (or 240 armor, since pally stam scales better than warriors I think 18 stam might be better than 240 armor for pallies, it's really close on the EHP calcs either way) Also, don't use a 34 defense gem, change that to a 51 stam gem.

    I'd also say ditch the JC trinkets, go pick up the black heart and glyph of indominability, if you can maybe go for the skeleton key or jug's vitality.

    I don't really know much about pally specs, but from a gemming/enchanting perspective what you've got isn't too bad, but those tweaks will help.
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