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Thread: Where to go from here..

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    Where to go from here..

    Well took me a couple weeks to get my DK geared up, http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...n=Decayedblade

    I know I need to get some better boots, been trying to get into ToTC 10/25 for the Dawnbreakers or Lingering Vortex boots with little luck.

    As far as the neck, Jarraxxis and Marrowgar dont want to drop theirs. I do have the Fossil from HoR which I use in my EH set, with dual Rimefangs, for when I need to soak dmg but dont need a lot of threat.

    So the question is where should I go from here, I am reasonably looking at first 6 in 10 man icc every week, and the possibilities of getting pug ToTC 10/25. One of my main concerns with DW frost is maintaining my Expertise cap which I am eating Rhino Worm steaks at the moment to maintain. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks all.

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    Looks pretty solid.

    Do you really need expertise at cap? Are you having threat issues?

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    When im in my normal tank set as you see in my armory.. i pull about 6.5-7k steady on single target and bout 9k aoe overall.. when I switch to my EH set which is fast/fast my threat tends to drop about 1-1.5k .. still reasonable for heroics or for soak fights like DBS, Marrowgar, Gunship Saurfang tank.

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