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Thread: [H] Burning Blade-US <Savage Blood>

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    [H] Burning Blade-US <Savage Blood>

    Savage Blood is a Horde Raiding guild that is looking for new members. In particular, we are currently seeking:

    Resto Shaman's (High Priority)
    Priests of any spec (High priority on Holy/Disc, but we have no Shadow either)
    Enhance Shamans
    Holy Paladins
    Prot Paladins

    We are currently running 10 man ToC's on Thursday nights at 7:30 server (est). We have a fun atmosphere, but we strive to complete as much content as possible. To Apply, contact Sorastoro on these forums, or at Sorastoro@cox.net
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    <Savage Blood (Horde)> Burning Blade-us. Come join the Frat House

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