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Thread: Paladin howto get 40K+ stamina

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    Paladin howto get 40K+ stamina


    Although I have some decent gear I am still not able to get the increase in stamina as I should be having before i get accepted in the higher raids. When i check my character out in RAWR and try to set all items to the max there is availible I can only get 40K stamina with the best gear availible.

    Its hard to immagine that so many players are already running around with the best gear availible. So please help me out how to improve my pally. Should i get the defense back to 540 and increase the other sockets with stamina, but then i would loose dodge ratings which r verry handy also. Where can i find the right balance and still be able to get the max of my stamina?

    Grt Bats

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    Equiping the "best" gear in every slot should get you way above 40k. Looking at your armory one thing I see immediately is that you seem to go for all the socket bonuses. You even have some pure strength gems in there. Change all your gems to pure stam in rawr and look at the difference from just that (without saying you should do that for real on your char in every single socket).

    One must remember that even if you didnt put in a single dodge gem you would still have plenty of dodge from gear. The stats you get from gems is very small compared to the stats you get from gear and talents.

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    It's not too difficult...

    to get above 40k and still retain all of the other vital stats.

    My armory

    Being a JC/BS helps. Also, make sure your enchants maximize EH.
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    When I change my gemming to all partial stamina gems where i dont have a blue socket i can increase my hp by 1K. When i change all to +30 Stamina I get an additional .7K so I end up with 36K. Is the only way to get it further up the higher raids? Cause before the ICC instances already ppl where running around with 40K, and that would be done by 245 lvl items if i am right.

    It looks quite impressive the 42K, but u have a lot higher gear 264 and 251 no exception at yours.

    Its quite hard for me to find good raids because of the low HP, and my current guild (wich i dont wanna leave) is to low to run TOC, Ulduar after Iron council we still gearing them up.

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    You said in your original post that you had configured rawr to give you the best gear available and you could still not reach 40K. This is impossible. I think what you mean to say is "best gear available outside of raids".

    You're going to have a very hard time hitting 40K without setting foot in ToC 10 or 25, which you've never done. You certainly don't need 40K to tank ToC 10, are you shooting for ICC10?

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    You don't need 40k hp unbuffed for ICC10 either.

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    Few things you can do:

    - Get the T9 chest
    - As was said, regem to stam (20 str in your belt - no socket bonus there so not sure why you did that)
    - Change chest enchant from stats to Major Health (275 hps)
    - Change shield enchant from def to +18 stam
    - You also have 2 unused minor glyphs

    Only reason I could see you needing 40k hps was if you are going to tank ICC 25. I'd start with ICC 10 first. I started ICC 10 with...36.5k I think. Or 37.5, I can't remember. For the first wing that should be plenty.

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    ok Thnx for the advice, i almost got my 95 frost for my new chest, thats the reason i didnt upgrade it. I will change some gems, and some enchants get to 36 - 36.5K and pick it up from there.

    Thxn all

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    Well one of the reasons your HP appears lower is because you're using glyph of indominability (which is a good thing and you should be using it). It is a better trinket than a lot of things out there, but it does make your HP look lower when really it gives very solid EHP. You're also an engineer and use the awesome 885 armor enchant instead of geting 60 more stam from BS or 63 from JC (which I would contend is again a good call, just makes your HP look lower when really your EHP isn't as bad).

    Shoulders: switch to the 30 stam/15 resil shoulder enchant, and gem it with 30 stam, that will be a 54 stam increase right there.
    Cloak: even though you are an engineer, flexweave underlay is not the optimal enchant (unfortunately), pick up 225 armor to cloak.
    Chest: Getting the Cataclysmic Chest guard, gemming it with 3x 30 stam gems and 275hp enchant will be a huge HP buff (and armor buff).
    Switching the gem in your bracers will be a 9 stam increase, same with gloves. Keep the hybrid gem in your pants for the meta.
    Put a 30 stam gem on your belt, that will be a 30 stam increase, also look into "Indestructible Plate Girdle." It will be a nice HP increase for you.
    Changing the Parry/Defense gem in your boots will net you another 21 stam. 123
    Replace the keystone great ring. Goto the "easy to get gear" section in my guide in my sig and you can see there are a couple of options, there's also like 6 other gearing guides in there that can point you in the right direction.

    The chest alone will be about a 1375 HP increase (+modifiers from talents and kings) and lots more armor
    Gemming/enchanting will be another 123 stamina increase + armor from the cloak.

    So with all that + gearing (such as belt and rings) I can see easily about a 3k+ hp boost +a bunch more armor.
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