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Thread: How to tab target/swab targets efficienctly

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    You don't need divits if you've been playing with your keybinds long enough...

    Your right hand is always on your keyboard.

    The vast majority of players play the way you think is "funny"; with one hand on the left of the keyboard, the other on the mouse. Beyond that players who really keybind use QWERTYAGZXCV in addition to 1-5 and alt and shift. There is no way you achieve that many keybinds using the numpad.

    For more info:

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaen View Post
    Well all my abilities are bound to the num pad.... along with a ctrl and alt modifier for more than just my main bar...tab is very effecient for me to use because my left pinky is often not being used. If there are tons of targets and i can see the one I need to be targeting I will hit my mouse, it's easy to get back on the numpad because the number 5 has that little divit that you can feel. I think it's funny when people use the numbers above the letters on the keyboard, because at any given time you can't know what number you are pressing unless you press one first.... there are no divits up there... and then your right hand has to be in the middle of the keyboard too all the time making it hard to get to your mouse quickly when you need to.
    Well I really can't get how you're playing. May be my English but:
    - you have all your abilities bound to the numpad
    - your right hand is at the numpad and occasionally switches to the mouse if need be
    - what exactly is your left hand doing? Modifier Keys? Movement?

    And why should your right hand be in the middle of the keyboard? It normally rests comfortably on the mouse if you play with the numbers.

    I'm a little bit confused here...

    If I remember correctly I played with the numbers and wasd too in vanilla. With the two modifiers it was a sufficient play style, though after my second break I overhauled my interface completely and now I'm really happy with my keybindings and mouse movement (and I would not be able to fight a single mob without my addons, but that;s another story...).

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