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Thread: vBulletin 4 -- What You Need To Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hogie View Post
    Random Loot Council comment in VB4 Thread is Random
    It did serve to remind me of Tulley's suggestion. Guides link back!

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    Thank you Ciderhelm, My family and I both thank you!

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    A couple of annoying things I've noticed:

    1) lots of times, when you click on the little button thingy to go to the first unread post in a thread, it doesn't - it just goes to the page that it's on. If you hit "View First Unread" on that page, it then goes to the actual first unread post.

    2) Automatic image resizing seems to be broken. My new monitor's so big, everything fits. But on my old 19" widescreen monitor, images weren't being resized, making me have to scroll.

    3) The "x of x pages" count at the top of each page of threads is weird. Like when you're on the first page of new threads, it says "1 of 5". But then, when you go to page two, it says "2 of 6". Then, on the next page, "3 of 7", and so on.

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