We are looking to become core raiders in an active raiding guild. Our reason for transferring is that our current realm (Rexxar) is extremely behind in progression and it is becoming almost impossible to find enough competent players to form a raid. We do wish to remain Alliance and on a PvE realm.

We are available every night between 6pm and 11pm (central time). Other raid times can be discussed if needed. We are looking for somewhat strict raid times (due to early work hours the next day). We are dedicated players and put a lot of effort into raiding.

Here is a little about us:

Zwingli (me)*
Prot / Holy Paladin
Jewelcrafting / Mining

Pheonyx (my girlfriend)
Holy/Shadow Priest
Tailoring / Transmute Master Alchemist

Destruction Warlock
Enchanting / Herbalism

*An alternate choice for Zwingli would be Refain which is a balance / restoration druid on the realm Sargeras. His professions are jewelcrafting and enchanting.

All of us are willing to respec to fill the position needed. We are a package deal, so we understand if we have to change some things to better fit into a guild and help progression.

Raiding Experience:
We have completed 10 ToC, 25 ToC, and the first wing of 10 ICC, all of which were coordinated by us.
Each of us are quick learners and take direction well.
I am also an experienced raid leader and am confident in myself deciding raid make up, coordinating boss fights, etc. if needed. Pheonyx and I have lead a raiding guild in the past and were quite successful.

Due to lack of opportunity, our gear might seem to be lacking, but we are more than willing to do the work required to improve. We do our research on boss fights, our class, and anything else required to be better players in general. We are also extremely self sufficient as far as raid supplies, money, etc.

Thank you,
Zwingli / Refain

You can also contact Pheonyx on tankspot if you would like to talk to her directly.