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Thread: Looking for some tanking advice =/

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    Looking for some tanking advice =/

    Hey there guys,
    SO i have a dk tank, ive managed to take all the way to the second wing of icc but im wondering if i should go blood. Im currently 2h frost which i feel most comfortable but idk if its gonna cut it in icc. My guild leader refuses to let me try icc 25 for he says i wont be able to. I sometimes have some healers say im really squishy but idk what to do. I use my cd's when needed, but i dont know what else to do. I am currently in 2 tanking spec to trry blood. The one i ahve been suing is the secondary frost spec, THe primary blood spec is just a spec iw as trying out. Well any imput would help alot thanks guys =]
    here my toon:
    The World of Warcraft Armory - Åryea @ Bleeding Hollow - Talents

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    Cloak Enchant: Change it to Armor.

    Glove Enchant: Get either a Stamina Kit or a Armor Kit from a LW to put on there, you are way over on Expertise.

    Trinkets: Since you have the Key, I think the experts say to use that with a the Glyph from Triumph Emblems.

    Frost Spec looks okay.

    Blood Spec:
    Get rid of Dancing Rune Weapon it does not help with threat at all.

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    Hi Aryea, one important pointer for DK tank is to plan & rotate your cd proactively instead of reactively regardless of blood/frost.

    Meaning even if you die, you shouldn't have any unused cd

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