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Thread: Do you know where your hit/exp are at night?

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    Do you know where your hit/exp are at night?

    Just curious about where others in the community are thinking about getting their hit/exp from in ICC gear?

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    They're not.

    I hate to see my hit and Expertise dipping low as I upgrade, but the raw survivability upgrades by going from 245 gear to the 251 and 264 gear is just staggering. Especially with bosses that hit as hard as they do (look at festergut with 2-3 inhales), you simply have to focus more on a having a tight rotation, and possibly eating hit/expertise food to help compensate. worrying about hit/expertise and then dying to the boss is foolhearty.

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    I agree with Kazey here. Your primary role is to survive. Second is threat and in that regard we have many tools to help supplement not having exp/hit on our gear. Glyph of Vigilance, Glyph of Taunt, Glyph of Devastate, and Glyph of Revenge. Also as mentioned exp/hit food and tightening up your priority rotation.

    My general rule of thumb for exp/hit:
    -Take what you get in the form of equips through the natural course of upgrades and try to maintain 26 expertise skill.
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    Lots of expertise on the offspec emblem chest piece (and it's very nice). If you are doing 10 mans there are chunks o' expertise on the Saurfang legs and the Putricide sword (and the Morrowgar mace has hit on it).

    Depending on how good your rep is the higher Ashen Verdict rings are reasonable and has hit on them (although if you're dying you need to put the bonus armor rings back on IMO).

    But otherwise, as long as you aren't holding up all your DPS and wiping at enrage timers then you needn't be too concerned, especially on the harder hitting bosses like those noted above.

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