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Thread: Oops I got the T10 chest - so what should my 4 pc set look like now?

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    Oops I got the T10 chest - so what should my 4 pc set look like now?

    So I just found this site, and didn't read Darksend's guide (which suggests best 4-pc T10 is shoulder/hand/head/leg) before I went shopping for my Bear tank.

    As a result, I bought myself the T10 Bear Chest to make sure I could contribute to ICC10s as quickly as I could (was substantial upgrade to the the T9 chest I had before).

    Question is now that's done, I am 2T10 (chest/hands), and assuming my next purchase is the shoulders, what is the last T10 piece I should get to complete my 4-pc bonus - Head or Legs?*

    Thanks in advance!

    * Of course the alternative is to get Shoulder, run VoA praying to get Legs, and spend emblems on the nice Sentinel cloak instead. =D
    Last edited by Taustalker; 01-28-2010 at 01:37 AM. Reason: Clarification that this is for bear tanks (and add alternate random idea).

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    Prob the head since the pants can drop in voa. It really depends on how far you are off from buying your 4th piece. You'll have a few chances at other pieces until then. Basically, get whatever piece you you aren't able to get buy (the head drops from princes and legs from festergut) Eventually you're gonna end up buying both pieces and using the sack anyways

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