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Thread: new to tanking, need some help

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    new to tanking, need some help

    hey guys i was wondering if you could give me some advice on my talents spec and gear for begning tanking. my biggest fear and obsticale so far is people exspecting me to immediatle have aggro and keep it while the blast away at the circle instead of the X. if you guys could give me some advice as to rotations for max AoE threat as a warrior that'd be great. heres my armory linnk

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    thanks in advance

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    I don't know much of anything about warriors.

    That said. Mark them if you need to. Don't hesitate to tell your group to chill out with the aoe off the bat or just let them know the only one you plan on taunting off of is the healer. Do what you gotta do till you're comfortable.

    Charge in, Thunderclap, take a step back, Shockwave, tab-cleave...Thunderclap again...alternate Conc Blow and Shield Slam on targets you have the least threat on and focus targets...T clap and Shockwave more when they're up. Keep cleave up. think that's it?

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    Pretty much what he said.

    Few things though. Glyphed devastate will generate more threat than conc blow, so use the heck out of it. I don't even use conc blow anymore in my rotation, just when I am rage starved. (not often, but every now and again)

    Remember, you don't have to keep building a ton of threat on each mob continously, eventually you reach a point where there is not enough health left on the mob to lose agro. ie; its going to die before someone can pull it off you. You will get a good feel for that in time, just takes practice.

    One thing that helped me was Tidyplates and the Threatplates addon (they work together). Tidyplates, and another addon Aloft, are both fantastic for tracking threat on multiple Mobs. Personal preference over which one to use.

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    OK, as far as gear goes, some quick recommendations:

    Chest-Icebane is only for resistance fights. Lose it. There's a chestguard from Revered Wyrmrest.

    Rings: Icebane again is only for resistance fights and largely worthless

    Trinket: Lose the pvp one. You probably are trying to keep defense under control. Loken in HoL drops a GREAT defense trinket; There's a number of options for a second one. The core hound in HVH has a decent starter tanking.

    Cloak- there's a better one from revered Wyrmrest.

    Weapon: Lose Bonecrusher. Here's some good options for a tanking weapon:
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    Tanking is first and foremostly about self confidence.
    Self confidence comes from practice.

    I am afraid that's the best advice I can offer to you.
    Watch Ciders movies about positioning and situational awareness.

    Use the LFG tool as a ready supply of guinea pigs.

    When it comes to gearing up, gemming and the nitty gritty details then you have come to the right spot. But reading up on all this won't replace self confidence.

    You will find your way how to pull each group eventually. You'll know when to charge, when to stop building aggro so you have enough rage for your next pull. It will come to you.

    If you want to tank heroics, stick to the well known deep wounds cookie cutter spec. Ignore the stamina pushing advice you'll find here. This is mostly for tanking end game content. You will know when you are ready for that. Advice will be found on the various heroics, addons that matter are few(Tidy Plates with the threat plugin; tank points for gearing up; omen for seeing which mob needs some more threat).

    But all this doesn't replace practice. Fail once, fail twice, nobody is born a true master of the art.

    There are a few spots in heroics where you need to find when to rely on your party and when you will have to do things yourself:
    -Halls of Stone(the event and a particularly nasty pull of three mob groups)
    -Skadi and the mob groups leading up to him
    -Culling of Stratholme which seems to be designed so you can watch your rage tick, tick, ticking away when it comes to the dragon bit
    -Nexus and the first room with the heroic boss
    -Old Kingdom(soon to be nerfed)
    -the penultimate room of the Halls of Lighning
    and so on.
    these will seem like the source of endless frustration to you. But I can tell you: if you stick to it you will know your way round and you will find your own way to solve these problems.

    But at first you should tell your group up front that you are a rather inexperienced tank. Those you can easily do without will leave right away. Those who will stick to you will be people who remembered how it was when they first tanked in there. If they have insight they want to share with you just listen to them.
    Just remember never to turn your back to mobs. They are much more likely to hit you when they attack you from behind.

    You will need to grow a very thick skin, I'm afraid.
    That's the best advice I can give you until you come up with specific questions.

    Keep your frost resistance gear in your backpack. It will be somewhat useful in the Pits of Saron. It has great amounts of stamina on it, but that's not what 5man heroics are about. There you will need to build a nice set of avoid gear. Just don't get out of your way to gem/enchant for it.

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    If you need a better idea of where to get info, you might also try the guide in my signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mačl View Post
    Keep your frost resistance gear in your backpack. It will be somewhat useful in the Pits of Saron. It has great amounts of stamina on it, but that's not what 5man heroics are about. There you will need to build a nice set of avoid gear. Just don't get out of your way to gem/enchant for it.
    I suppose, although frankly FR isn't needed if people pay attention to the mechanics and hide behind a bloody boulder now and then to drop the stacks of the frost debuff.

    On my healer tanks like to drive me crazy by getting like 30 stacks and wondering why I can't bloody heal them.

    Anyway Agg's right. Read his guide.

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