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Thread: DK tank i need of assist.

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    DK tank i need of assist.

    Hey everyone, been looking around the forum for more info about DK tanking.

    My main issue is to know what to go for atm. Build more stam or avoidance for example?

    The World of Warcraft Armory - Aerthiez @ Nagrand - Profile

    Pls, if u have som spare time. Look at my char and tell me what to shoot for next.

    Take care all, and gl tanking out there


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    keep getting badge gear. work on the triumph stuff a bit more. you could replace that stam trink with glyph of indomitability. you could replace your ring with the triumph tank ring. you could replace your shoulders with the triumph badge shoulders. unless you really need the hit rating from your helm you could replace the helm with the badge helm too.

    you also probably don't need defense gems anymore. or defense on your cloak.

    275 health to chest ends up being better than +10 to all stats.

    avoidance isn't really something you gem or chant for generally in the current content.

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