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Thread: Should this Fury Warrior switch Strength to ArP?

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    Should this Fury Warrior switch Strength to ArP?

    so i got an ArP proc trinket finally for my off-spec fury warrior the other week and now i'm considering regemming all of my gems to ArP... but before i do this i wanted some people who know how to read rawr data better than i do to explain the possible dps increase i might have and if i should count on ArP trinkets proccing...? should i take sunder armor's 20% reduction into account and only gem to 40% ArP so the Proc brings my ArP up to 100% reduction?

    the two extended details of All ArP gems/All Str are screenshotted below:

    and here's my wow-heroes profile with all strength (except on the chest i just crafted):

    WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings

    any help much appreciated!

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    Sunder armor isn't ArP. Its a reduction of the mobs armor, and is counted differently. ArP ignores armor. They are not added together.

    Also, scrap rawr and pick up Landsoul's Spreadsheet from EJ. Built by a warrior for a warrior.

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    With any Arp Trinket in game right now you will need 53% ArP from Gear + Food to hit the softcap.

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