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Thread: Need Advice / Tankadin

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    Need Advice / Tankadin

    Hi folks,

    Here is my armory; The World of Warcraft Armory - RÍcÍp @ Stormreaver - Profile

    I have some questions and i would be gladly hearing all your advices.

    My questions are;

    1-I've bought cloak with my frosts, and now i have a good amount of frost again and what should i buy ? Trinket or some armor parts ?

    2-We're progressing icc.I'm generally OT, should i basically go for survival (stam.) or my current balanced gemming works ?

    3-Do you guys have some advice about my talents ?

    4-Are there any "must" items for me to craft as a gm bs ?

    As i said, i would be gladly hearing all your advices about everything.

    Thanks for your attention, have a good day

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    Maybe get the shield from icc5man.

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    To be honest you look good to me. One thing I would say is you should look at replacing your shield as well as you are well over defense capped so replace the def on shield your with Titanium Plating.

    Also your weapon is good, but if you can get the axe that drops in the new instance's i'd use that in ICC as it is more geared towards block than doge.

    heres mine below if you wanna see what I am using and I am having no problems in ICC as all.

    The World of Warcraft Armory - Dupablada @ Aszune - Profile

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