I am really wanting a good critique of my gear and spec choices, since my guild is about to step into ICC10 this weekend for the first time, and I just want to make sure I am not going to give the healers heart attacks!

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I have the 2 specs - Frost for aoe tanking, and Blood for single target tanking. Frost is also the spec I use on heroics, hence the reduced D&D talent. I can change this if I need to, but it is really convenient with the gogogo mentality of heroics these days

In frost I have 35.5k health unbuffed, and in blood I have 37k unbuffed.

I am thinking I will pick up the pvp enchant to replace my current shoulder enchant, since I am past the defense cap and I could really use some more health. Also, I am working on replacing those boots with the ones from H FoS.

Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks all