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Thread: DK tank need advice please

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    DK tank need advice please

    I'm not sure what raids I should be going to.

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    People I have asked say I need 40k hp minimum to tank 25 totc and I only have about 35k hp
    Also I am not if i should change any enchants gems.
    Any input would be helpful thanks.

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    Ppl who say you need 40k unbuffed for non hardmode content are just waiting overgeared tanks to make allow some laziness on the healers part.

    I have tanked 10/25 ToTC, ICC, ONY and my dk is just at 36k unbuffed Frost DW specc'ed. The only fight where I really feel a lot of pressure not having that extra HP is Festergut aka Patchwork 2.0.

    Again your HP is definately high enough to get you through ToTC 10/25 and first 4 in ICC 10/25

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    The people in question are lazy, gear score obsessed people. I started icc, without optimal gemming and some low level pieces, at 34k unbuffed. I had and still have, no problem.

    You need to replace the essence of gossamer and your rings imo.

    I'd pick up the glyph for your trinket and get your icc ring and a band of the twin val'kyr. Heroic if poss.

    Enchant your cloak :P and get the pvp stam enchant for shoulders. I am hearing that is a bit better.

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