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Thread: Quedelar for a DK tank?

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    Quedelar for a DK tank?

    Hey guys I just got a battered hilt drop!

    Now my death knight tank is using the edge of ruin for his tanking weapon... well only weapon and I was curious if I should keep trying to get the tyrannical beheader (has yet to drop and won) or just get the quedelar?

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    If your main spec is tank, then definitely pick up the Quel'Delar. You can't really complain about the stats on that weapon, and if you want to, just go and re-rune it when you need to switch to DPS.

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    I'd get the Quel'Delar if I were you dude. My DK Alt has it also and the haste on it is kind of meh but either way should be a significant upgrade for you.

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