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Thread: Saving for Cataclysmic Chest, having 2nd thoughts

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    Saving for Cataclysmic Chest, having 2nd thoughts

    So I have 70 out of the 95 frost emblems I need for the cataclysmic chestguard. My mentality was get the expensive pieces (cata chest, T10 helm) out of the way first, that way it's not such a grind to get to the 60 badges I need for other stuff like T10 shoulders, and offset belt, cloak, and trink, and the massive amounts of saronite I need for crafted boots and legs.

    Anyway, I'm kind of getting ancy, and wondering if it wouldn't be better to pick up something cheaper for now that might be more worthwhile. The cata chest I'm basicaly getting for the bonus armor and expertise, but I was thinking maybe the belt or T10 shoulders first?

    Here is my current setup:

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    One more thing - I'm not in a raiding guild, so all my frost badges come from daily heroics, raid weekly, and the occasional ICC 10 pug. At most I can do about 28-30 emblems in a good week. Nobody is pugging ICC 25, so for the sake of this question, consider my chances of getting ICC 25 drops as none. Offset frost badge gear is the only access I'll have to 264 level stuff for a long, long time.

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    Bump cause I need the advice!

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    I'd keep on saving if I were you. I know it's a long ways off, but you already came so far, and the chest really is an amazing piece of work. (I dread needing to save up for it myself.) I wouldn't use your badges to buy saronites, those are better bought for gold in my opinion. After all, the badges are a highly limited resource, where gold can be had far more easily.
    After the chest, I wouldn't go for tier pieces - I'd go for the other 264 gear first. The extra armor on it makes it really good.
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    I'd think about getting the legs first if I was you. t9 legs are shocking for the current content. So either spend your badges on getting orbs for the legs or get the trinket.
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