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Thread: Just started tanking and spec right, gemming...

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    Just started tanking and spec right, gemming...

    I have just stared tanking. I have been gathering items to tank while I was fury and now feel like I have some respectible gear. Not awesome , but not bad.

    I was wondering if I have sped right and how bad I have screwed up gemming.

    Also at times I no order in which I am tanking as in my rotation on abliites. Any advice would be great.

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    As a tank stm is key here so focus some on that unless your under defense soft cap of 540 boss (for Heriocs its 535). Your geming for hit rating is not needed with the gear you do have already. (FYI your way over melee hit cap 8%)

    There are some good guides here around the forums I link two below but there is many more around here. The gear you do have is good entry level gear mostly due to the low Heath you have with it.


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    I'll not go into everything, but suggest a few things:

    Grind more badges. Get Clutch of fortification ring first, and replace bloodshed band. That will free up Dabiri's for a better tank trinket, targetting H AN's essence of gossamer or the ever popular black heart from reg toc 5 man (or both). Put 22 def on chest. There's the Platinum Mesh cloak from badges (valor I believe), or there is a tank cloak from one of the reg ICC dungeons.
    reg ToC 5 man also has good boots, or you can get at least 2 crafted options (titansteel or ulduar crafted). 40 stamina on those bracers, you will have them for a while unless you shell out for ToC Crafted Sarronite Swordbreakers. Enchant your weapon with something at least (mongoose, bladeward, blood draining, accuracy, titanium weapon chain, whatever fits the budget).

    When you have enough badges, the ranged throwing is a decent upgrade to the shotgun, when you have upgraded other stuff. After that, start upgrading your OK gear with badge gear (helm/shoulders/etc.), possibly tier gear as needed (advance warning: Tier gear has little expertise, get the badge helm instead of tier helm to help with expertise; DKs and warriors Consistently are running low on expertise for some reason)

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