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Thread: Can any pro warrior check my armory (STR or ArP)?

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    Can any pro warrior check my armory (STR or ArP)?


    this is my amory The World of Warcraft Armory - Cronaldo @ The Underbog - Profile

    I want to know if it is viable re gem the non JC gems and change 20 Str to 20 ArP. What would you do.

    Any other advice is very welcome!!


    EDIT: Im aware of the enchant missing onthe cap and the gem missing in the ring I just got those parts I will work on them tonite.
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    The way i see it with NES anything over 100% on proc is potentially wasted stat
    so its a case of either trying to go as much passive as possible and use something else than NES

    or aim to balance ARP at 100% on proc an gem strength after that.
    interested to see what others think though as im not 100% on my theory on this either

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    Hard to tell as your armory shows you in fury spec.

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    Go STR until you can hit atleast 40% ArP passively, then gem until your ArP hits 52-53%. After that, it'll be all STR until you can cap out on ArP without a trinket proc.

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    gem arp until you hit the soft cap using an arp trinket no matter how much arp you have on your gear. usually 53% is the mark, but depends on which arp trinket you are using (check the arms warrior guide for my post on arp rating caps). getting to the soft cap is the best dps you can go until you get the gear to go passive capped.

    once you hit the soft cap, gem full str. once you get more high end gear (icc 10/25) drop your arp trinket and go full passive.

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