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Thread: Is this a Bug?

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    Is this a Bug?

    Apparently I'm not allowed to spell reflect basically anything a prot pally wants to do to me. Avenger's Shield, Judgements, Hammer of Wrath are all not reflectable. Is this a bug, or are these abilities that are dealing very obviously holy damage to me special vs other holy spells like smite?

    I realize this is basically looking like a QQ thread, but it seems like it's more likely a bug than a balance issue to me.

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    nope, they are all non reflectable, although... i think the hammer stun IS relflectable, whichever that one is called, but since it's not casted, you just have to get lucky.

    It's not a bug, a lot of spells aren't reflectable, don't ask me why.

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    hammer and judgements are reflectable. same with ret's crit buff (can't think of the name of it atm). i noticed this in bg's running as pvprot and started spamming spell reflect against pallies from then on.

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    Tankadin spells are a mess. Some are spells with range that behave as melee but use the spell hit. Flip a coin for each melee/ranged/spell characteristic and pick which of them you'll use and you'll have tankadin spells.

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