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Thread: Protection Warrior Advice Please

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    Protection Warrior Advice Please

    Well been reading through the forums for any tips I can find on how to improve myself as a tank. Still trying to get my head round the finer points such as DODGE/PARRY/BLOCK.

    I was running as many instances I possibly could to gear up. I could buy a complete set of Hellscream's of Conquest but feel some of my gear may be better, please see the link to the armory below:

    The World of Warcraft Armory - Teggonater @ Jubei'Thos - Profile

    I've been using RAWR which generally advises me to gem stam. Another thing it shows is the head piece Headplate of the Honorbound would be an upgrade over the Hellscream's of Greathelm of Conquest. Yet gearscore scores the Headplate of the Honorbound lower than the Hellscream's of Greathelm of Conquest for protection. I guess I'm trying to figure is the Headplate of the Honorbound a upgrade or not ?

    Another thing I'm trying to weight up is whether or not I'm using the correct Glyph between the Glyph of Cleaving which I'm currently using or replace with the Glyph of Revenge.

    I'm starting to tank ToC 10 and just recently tanked Lord Marrowgar successfully. I'm looking for ways to improve my survivabilty and up my dps output at the same time.

    I would appreciate any tips and advice.

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    Do not worry about avoidance and absolutely do not worry about gear score. Focus on EH but do not trade huge amounts of avoidance or expertise for a small amount of EH. Almost every single boss that kills tanks favors EH. N-EH http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.c...rb_v=viewtopic takes in unmitigable damage so it is more flexable than a normal EH calculator.

    Grab the pvp enchant for your shoulders, 225 armor to your cloak, 275 health to your chest and 18 stamina to your gloves.
    Never gem all avoidance, your gemming looks fine but in your legs put a 15 stam 10 dodge rating gem instead of the 20 dodge. If you use RAWR make sure you put it on burst mode, that is the only realistic measure on it and even still it isn't completely accurate. If you are going to use a gear simulator I prefer the EJ spreadsheet Tanking Spreadsheet 3.3 - Elitist Jerks, I find it much more customizable and easier to use than RAWR but that is just personal preferance.

    With your glyphs as long as you aren't having problems surviving go with the Glyph of Cleave, Glyph of Revenge is pretty much useless since all it saves you is a small amount of rage when in the majority of situations your rage is completely full.

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    Regarding helms, make sure you were looking at the right ones. he ilevel 245 Honorbound is miles ahead of the ilevel 232 t9 helm. The t9.1 helm (the one that requires tokens of the crusade) is much closer to honorbound, and the t9.2 (ilevel 251/heroic) is better than honorbound.

    As for glyphs...Revenge isn't so hot. You get a free HS every now and then. Cleave however is hitting one extra target every time you cleave (and in aoe situations, you should be using cleave rather than HS). In most situations cleave's going to be the better threat glyph.

    As for upgrades...get the Honorbound helm, its MUCH better than what you have. And save up frosts for the cloak. You can get upgrades to your boots in H-POS I believe (Black Spire Sabatons) or from ToC10. The Ony helm is also an option.

    You REALLY need a new shield...in order of least to best upgrades are available in regular HoR, ToC10, and ToC25 that should be easy to get,

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