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Thread: Protection warrior requesting feedback

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    Protection warrior requesting feedback

    Hello everyone. I'm a long-time lurker of Tankspot and just love the site. It has helped me beyond words, truly invaluable site and I don't know what I would do without a site like this.

    Anyway, I'm relatively new protection warrior and to tanking in general but I feel like I have pretty strong understanding about the class and how to do things. Still, I yearn to learn more and really rejoice when I get feedback about my gear/spec and so forth from people with more experience than me.

    The World of Warcraft Armory - Jaydeline @ Earthen Ring - Profile Here's my armory. My guild does mostly ten-mans, but due to the advent of ridiculously easy ToC25 (and first 4 bosses of ICC to that matter), I've been able to gather quite a few 25-man pieces as well.

    The set I'm currently wearing is the one I use for progression fights, focused on maximizing effective health. So yes, my hit is on the low side and expertise is far from the soft cap, even though with a single switch of neckpiece (Fortitude of the Infernal instead of Legionnaire's Gorget) I'm able to reach the 26 expertise.

    Would also like a comments whether I should use the Headplate of the Honorbound or the 25-man version of Helm of Wrath from Onyxia? I would drop under 10 in expertise while doing so, but gain some stamina. Also have many different rings like the armor/resistance-one from Ony25 and Clutch of Fortification.

    I'm gemming mostly pure stamina but items with socket bonuses of +6stam or more I usually tend to get by using +10exp/15sta gems for red sockets and +10def/15sta for yellow ones. My current talent build is a basic Deep Wounds build which I use on farm bosses and to be honest, pretty much all content. Oh, and the glyphs I currently have are for heroic farming so ignore them. I'll usually use Blocking, Devastate and Last Stand on in raids - and of course, if I go the route of Imp. Disciplines (very rarely but there are times for that), I'll be picking Blocking, Last Stand and Shield Wall.

    Any comments? What I could be doing better? Anything blatantly wrong? I really appreciate any constructive comments! I apologize if my post is out of place and "feels lazy".

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    I see competent gearing, nice glyphs, everything seems to be in order.

    However one glaring shortcoming is your profs, I think you should spend your next 20 or so sessions of your spare time to level up your current profs, or take this opportunity to choose others you like and get started on it right away.
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