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Thread: Prot Warrior. How can I increase my DPS?

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    Prot Warrior. How can I increase my DPS?

    Hi All,

    I'm in a 10 man group that is working through ICC10. We can beat saurfang, but not much more at this point. The main tank is a pally, who consistently puts up 4k dps. On AoE fights he gets up to 6k dps.

    I, as a warrior off tank, average about 1.8k dps, but never top 2.2k.

    I realize that as a tank, my main job is to take damage, not dish it out. But adding to the dps would certainly help our raid get past enrage timers, etc. Not to mention that my pride takes a hit, when I look at the Main Tank's dps.

    Here's my armory link.

    Granted, it's not the best gear set out there, but it's not a total noob set, either.

    I would appreciate any tips on how I can increase my DPS. I know I need to upgrade certain pieces, like my belt and trinket, but will additional tank gear really help DPS?

    Is it my rotation? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a typical dps for Prot tanks?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Mm off the top of my head I can tell you that as a "rotation" goes there is a difference in max TPS and max dps.

    For example if I want to pump threat currently I would do the
    (I have 2xt10 hence the shockwave since it crits for 11-12k in 25man settings)

    for max DPS id turn it into something like
    SS>shockwave/conc. blow>revenge>dev

    I pulled a log from our saurfang 25 kill out to compare
    World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis
    2600 isnt bad considering im a RL-er and paying attention to whats going on more than focusing on rotation at that point. (taunting back a loose add to help if needed etc./shockwaving mobs )
    Basically dont rly worry about it though, there are other ways to increase your raids DPS to beat bosses past saurfang

    -pre-potting before the pull + reequiping trinkets to force cooldowns to proc after 10seconds in the fight + heroism + shattering throw rotation.
    -on festergut starting with the highest dps tank and swapping @ 9 stacks + switching to dps weapon
    -on festergut have MM hunters be the collapse points so that they dont need to move thus increasing their dps by about 500-1000.
    -on rotface have people be faster with the mutated infection running in/out
    - Add kiter on rotface could be a DK that can even help dps a bit on the boss in between. (Or a good ranged dps , albeit this is tricky and in our guilds situation not preferred at all)

    etc. Look for smart ways to combine dps boosting cooldowns etc, dont fall into the guilt well that is protwarrior and blame it on the class. you're shattering throw alone is insane burstwhen applied correctly

    -edit just read your "when I look at the Main Tank's dps." obviously when your the OT you wont have the rage to maximize your dps. Simply put, if possible gear wise etc have the paladin OT and you MT so you can really dish out heroic strike spam + rotation instead of hoping to get the rage to shieldslam once in a while.

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    I think the biggest problem may be that you don't understand why the paladin is doing 4-6k as prot, if this is the case it's because warriors and paladins do damage differently.

    To expand on this, paladins do mostly magical (holy) damage when tanking and this ignores armor. Warriors do physical damage and are subject to armor damage reduction.

    Paladins also have a minor glyph to increase damage against undead targets by an additional 1% (ICC = Undead galore) and the Crusade talent to further increase this. Also stated above was the fact that while being an OT warriors are easily rage starved, which means lower overall dps from lack of ability use.

    TL;DR: Holy damage > Physical damage

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