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Thread: Prince Keleseth ranged tanking.

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    Prince Keleseth ranged tanking.

    So is anyone else noting how goddamn annoying this is? Mainly because Keleseth LOVES running up and one shotting you for 70,000. Also the dark nucleii seem to love aggro-ing onto melee when they run through them.

    I made a video of my experience for anyone else doing this YouTube - Icecrown Citadel 25-Player: Blood Prince Council Live Servers Ranged Tank Point of View (still processing), hopefully this is fixed soon.

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    We did several attempts on this this in 10man tonight yeilding a 50%. Our hunter was range tanking and I guess he is building a set for maxiumum survival. PvP peices for stam and a spec that maximizes health. He was also kiting the boss around to keep him moving and picking up the Nuclei asap. They should only be agroing ppl that hit them, So tell your mele to stop tab target/aoe hitting the dam things, lol. Gl.

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    We downed the princes on our third or fourth try tonight in 25. We used a warlock to tank Keleseth, and I would recommend using one if possible. It seems that the nuclei stick to whoever hit them last, so having a lock roll dots on 3-4 of them pretty much guarantees that they will stick.

    I'm not sure how well using a hunter would work, although I suppose it's possible if you really wanted it to work.

    Also, we never saw Keleseth try to run in and melee our warlock. He seemed perfectly content to sit and cast. The melee thing may have been due to a bug. I know there are still several floating around the Crimson Halls at the moment.
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    We started out having a paladin tank for this - after 2 wipes tonight it was decided that we would range tank it.

    Being a shadow priest, does anyone have any suggestions for me? We don't have a warlock or mage to spare. Also, a few questions:

    - How big does his hitbox seem to be?
    - in the video you're kiting quite a bit.. is he gonna be trying to melee me at very turn?
    - What about when he's empowered? Is holding aggro still fairly simple?

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    We killed him tonight on 10 man. I don't know if the same issue applies, but we definitely had a couple lock tank gibs due to Keleseth meleeing. Our lock just had to be careful to never get closer than 10 yards to Keleseth. And if he needs to run around Keleseth to get a buff on the other side, just make sure he knows to "swing wide" and not get any closer to the boss. Made the difference for us.
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    If DoTs mke the nuclei's attack you, then if you don't have a warlock in the raid (unlikely in 25man, but very possible in 10man) the hunter can simple just throw serpent sting on all the nuclei's, Balance druids could also take the spot for tanking these, but they have low HP normally. I don't know that much about other ranged classes and their DoT's


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