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Thread: Warrior tank needs help with reducing spikey damage

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    Warrior tank needs help with reducing spikey damage

    Hey to start off My armory

    I've tanked for my guild for some time now tho a lot of hard modes in ulduar10 and now into togc10. I'm also one of the top geared tanks in my guild but I find now that my guild is growing into 25ICC I'm being asked to dps. The reason why is the amount of damage, I told by the healers, I take vs are pally tanks. Now I have tryed changing my trinkets around. I rotate tho large and small damage CDs in time with high incoming damage or if a healer gets spiked. but it just seems to be the healers and raid leader feels my spikey damage intake is far harder to heal than just bring all pally tanks even if the pally tank is less geared than me.

    a list of my trinkets.
    Glyph of Indomitability
    Furnace Stone
    Fervor of the Frostborn heroic and nonheroic
    Purified Onyxia Blood Talisman
    both brewfest stam trinkets and dodge trinket
    Trinkets i normally wear are black heart and scarab.

    So how should I change my setup or what gear should I go after to reduce this spike damage? I enjoy tanking far more than dpsing but I do what I must for the good of the group but if I'm going to be stuck as a dpser it maybe time to lvl a mage xD.

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    240 armor to gloves and 30 stam/15 resil to shoulders are the only enchanting things I would change, gemming seems good. You could really use a new shield. You can't really count the bonus stam of a JC gem in your shield as EHP from the shield because you can just move that gem somewhere else. If you get a better shield that will be a lot more armor.

    Basically 26k armor is kinda low.
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