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Thread: Looking for some balance

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    Looking for some balance


    I am a new(ish) dk tank, trying not to contribute to the bad rep we sometimes get. I have read sooooo much on gear that I think I am getting to the point of saturation, not knowing what is valid information before. If you have some time, please take a look at my gear and suggest where I could balance things out. My primary goal is to increase my threat generation and still be able to tank heroics.

    If you make a suggestion, it would be doubly appreciated if you could suggest where I could lose something too, I think I have painted myself into a corner by placing too much importance on one stat.

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    Thank you

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    You have plenty of expertise. I'd probably drop a bit for plain hit. Your single target threat should be fine and I see you took the dark command glyph so you wouldn't have taunt hit issues, but since HB is based on spell hit, you'll want to get your hit up a bit to increase your AE threat and get more use from the Rime procs.

    The 10 to all stats gem could prob be a stam gem. Guessing you may have used that for a meta requirement at one time?
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    Don't worry about "Balance". Almost every single encounter that matters to how the tank gears favors EH, avoidance will work in encounters where you can stack spell power and live. Most of the time threat is very easy to retain taking threat out of the equation.

    I would grab the pvp enchant on your shoulders, 225 armor to your cloak, 275 health to your chest, 18 stamina to your gloves and 40 stamina to your bracers.

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