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Thread: Fury Warrior stats??

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    Fury Warrior stats??

    Well, the main reason for this thread is hopefully people do not do the same mistakes i've made playing a fury warrior(stacking strength), and people agree with what i'm going to be doing is right.(Stacking ArP instead)
    The question that most people most frequently ask as being a fury warrior is... What stats do i stack... Obvious answer : Strength... Well i found that out to be terribly terribly WRONG! This is how i found out...
    So i got in a pug 25 ToGc group with another fury warrior. Like other fury warriors i'm just your average gear inspector when it comes to same class.
    I looked at this guys gear, 2 H PoS axe's, Triumph Rings, H FoS trinket, the other pieces were just average. I thought in my head guarantee i DPS harder then this dude. I've got BS and JC im a pretty beefy warrior : The World of Warcraft Armory - Greengobblin @ Frostmane - Profile
    (I am open to comments and recommendations so feel free to speak.)
    Soo the raid starts and were on first boss, just as i thought i'm dpsing higher.(well it is just burst =/) after he comes up above my DPS hitting 400 more than i do! im at 4th on meters at 6.3 he's at 6.7!!
    I had eyes bulging and everything like noo ways this guy doing that much in that gear. I'm not a shy person so i started talking to him about his warrior. We matched stats I've got technically 500 more strength then he does(w/ Greatness card proc).I'm at 11% Hit rate, 26/26 Expertise. We've got the same rotation pretty much.
    I've got 43% crit unbuffed, 48% Because of rampage which is usually always up. The only thing he had more.. is Yes Armor Penetration! I have 28% he has 38%...Would 10% ArP make that much of a difference? So i went back to the drawing board of my rotation. WW > BT > Slam on proc. Spam HS(I put 2 point's in Berserker's Rage so i alway's have 100 Rage going into a boss a fight). Everything works out fine i know my rotation is there... So i talked to some guildies, they told me to regem into strength from ArP(i only have ArP gem's in legs and boots) 74 Str wouldn't make up the 400 Dps i lost on that boss fight. So i know strength isn't my problem.

    Well , with all that said is it right for me to think ArP is my problem? In the Second thread(Wotlk Fury warrior guide) 'Thegreatme' has Youtube video's of his fury warrior, I use the standard UI so number's kinda fade away on the screen pretty fast... Where as this guy's hit number's stay on the screen like 7k, 8k followed by a 4k and this guy's in t9 gear LOL that's devastating i hardly see those numbers in my gear!!So i'm hoping that's just the UI haha.
    Well, i hope this thread helps people so they don't g2g through what i went through. Feel free to leave comments and talk smack about what i'm doing wrong tell me everything Lols!
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    I am having the same problem with dps. Have read the same thing about arm pen which I have not gemed for. It just seems like the more gear I get and the more my stats go up the lower my dps is. I am doing around 4k on the heroic dummie in IF with no buffs but when it comes to our raids I dont do but somewhere between 5.5-7k on boss fights depending on the boss. we have downed all bosses in icc except for professor. My guildies say that my dps should be in the same area as other melee classes with around the same gear score but I am way below them. DKs with lower gear score than me are doing 2k more dps. I just dont understand. I am so flustrated because I have researched and researched. My exp is 26/29 my hit is around 12.8% and arm pen is around 42%. I am using ww/bt/slam when procs, throwed in with death wish and recklessness along with the 3500 armor potion for the 3ap for 108 armor right before the fight starts and another when it runs out or right when hero goes out. I am open to any advice plz. Antinous/exodar/us

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    i currently gem most arp. and my overall arp is at 65%. i can do about 8.2K dps on festergut.

    using to landsoul's spreadsheet. 1 str = 1 arp if you overal arp is 75%.
    if your arp > 75%, then arp is better then str
    if your arp < 75%, then arp is worse then str.

    using rawr, when i gem arp gem, i noticed that i will do more dps in ww, hs and slam

    if i gem str gem, i will do more dps in bt and execute

    hopefully these help you on deciding str or arp gem.

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    First off use Rawr and Landsoul's to help with gear/gemming.

    basically the rule is you should either be soft capped with ArP or hard capped with ArP if you are raiding ICC.

    Soft Capped means you have an ArP trinket Grim Toll, NES, etc. that has an ArP proc. You want to gem so that when the trinket procs it gives you 100% ArP. Green you have NES when it procs it gives you roughly 48% ArP so you want to have 52% ArP from gear and gems.

    Hard Capped means you no longer an ArP proc Trinket and you are able to hit the 100% ArP cap without a trinket proc. This is very doable with ICC gear.

    A couple other things that may help out, didn't look at your armory very much but make sure you have a run speed boost on your boots the fights in ICC are a lot of movement and it will give you a greater DPS boost than anything else since ya'll are both over the hit cap.

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