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Thread: Fury warrior w/ lower then expected dps

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    Fury warrior w/ lower then expected dps

    Here is my wowarmory link The World of Warcraft Armory - C÷lossus @ Haomarush - Profile which i copied and pasted and this is it manually typed in The World of Warcraft Armory - @ - Profile

    I was formerly an arms warrior but told i needed to go fury for better dps for raids. I noticed a nice drop in my dps instead and that could be do to some changes that i have made to gems because i was now more concerned about hit rating and expertise rating for raid time where previosly i socketed everything w/ strength. I am currently around 4k dps with a goal in mind of being at 5k dps to start raiding.

    I have watched the movie guides provided here at tank spot for new fury warriors and am trying to perfect their rotation of WW/BT/Slam (when procced)/BT/Use CD/WW repeat.

    I am lost in the whole ArP vs. Strenth gemming battle for everywhere i go someone has a different opinion on the subject and i'm not sure whats best. Could someone review my armory and help me with gearing my sockets to get the most out of my dps, or enchants for that matter. I downloaded the excel page but i feel a little out of my league and stare more at the screen rather then getting any thing done.

    I also have the Needle Encrusted Scorpion in my bag but i was told to use my greatness card instead and my other trinket (Mark of Supremecy) for the +128 hit rating. Any suggestions here would be appreciated. I am a farmer of gold and badges so any changes i could have can be done almost immediately.

    I do random 5 man H's all day long but my main goal is to get to atleast 5k dps so that i can be usefull in raids to come. I am hopefully going to be getting the frost badge belt from vendor this week, but am about 10 shy still.

    If anyone need to manually enter my name C÷lossus you can make the ÷ by holding down Alt and pressing 0, 2, 4, 6 then releasing Alt. I am on the Haomarush server/ alliance side.

    Thank you in advance to any and all replies.

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    First things first: Expertise rating of 26/26 and hit rating of 5% (with 3/3 precision).

    *haven't looked at your armory, this is just the usual stuff*

    Now, for ArP vs. Strength: That entirely depends on gear level. I am finding that once you hit around 4500 ap unbuffed, ArP will likely provide a more solid benefit than strength depending on the rest of your gear stats (you will likely have over 40% arp from just your gear at this point). This is just what I've noticed, and that is why I believe you notice the huge discrepancy in ArP vs. Strength. Both are good, but which is better is dependant on gear.

    You'll want to use the greatness card and the needle encrusted scorpion for the procs out of those... unless you need the hit which is unlikely. For using the needle encrusted scorpion, you'll want about 53% ArP from gear/gems. (It's 52.3% or something like that for the exact number.)
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    I can see you have a very low hit rating atm, only 98, which for fury needs to be at least 164 to be hit capped (incl. 3/3 Precision), that should probably be one of your main priorities to go for at first. You don't really have to gem for ArP atm because ArP is only of value when you can get atleast a minimum of ~60% of passive ArP rating (gear only). And the sucky part is that fury warriors are really gear dependant ;p so basically untill you get some better gear you will remain sad in pants. :<


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    sorry about that, when you looked at my wowarmory i was wearing an old pvp gear lvl 70 ring that i put on cuz i was wearing my new furious gladiator pvp set to see how it all looked. I put my Bloodshed band my on and w/ the NES trink my actual hit rating atm is 142 or 4.33% and my exp. is at 25/25. in a few days i will have the malevolent girdle purchased w/ my frost badges so hopefully that will push me up to +33 hit points. Is it that necessary to gem another expertise to strive for 26/26 exp. or will i be ok for now.

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    Having enough Expertise to prevent your attacks from being dodged is very important. I would suggest getting the Belt of the Titans to help with that for now. Mainly because it would get you the last bit of Expertise you need and still end up with more strength once gemmed.

    Also your bracers don't have a enchant on them.

    As far as the trinkets go: losing Mark of Supremecy without any other gear change would put you under the 164 Hit Rating needed. However it is only 22 Hit Rating (Note the hit numbers was based off when you still had the Bloodshed Band on.) that would need to be made up. There are many options to fix that issue though. Past that condition yes using greatness card and the needle encrusted scorpion together is a nice combo.

    A alternative to the spreadsheet is Rawr I do recommend at least giving it a try if you can.

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