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Thread: tanking issues

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    tanking issues

    i have repseced for dw frost it seems like i am ok on having no aggro issues or threat with muilt mobs and stuff i got that coverd it is just when you have muiltple mobs then go into the boss fight i cant switch spec for single target threat what is a good rotation for single target so i can gain a much aggro and keep in DW frost spec

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    For Single Targets (Bosses) my rotation is DnD-IT-PS-BS, RP Dump, OB-OB-OB repeat.. I only HB with Rime procs, and Frost Strike with Killing Machine procs.

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    For single targets, I usually do IT-PS-OB-BS-BS, RP Dump (or HoW if I'm dumped through runestrikes), OB-OB-OB.

    I'll pop a HB during my first or second rotation if I have a KM proc just for the greater burst before everyone gets their DoT's rolling.

    Edit: If you're not saving Unbreakable Armor for any certain time (say 5 mans or trash), I usually do this:

    Unbreakable Armor-HB-PS-BS-BS (I have the HB glyph so that gets the disease up this first round so I can go into OB OB OB 2nd round).
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