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Thread: How i handle PuGs

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    How i handle PuGs

    Hello fellows tanks.

    Ive done my share of PuGs since 3.3 patch. The first times i really enjoyed it, but then i started to hate it more and more, mostly because 60% of every DPSer i meet is either "brb phone, door, cat on keyboard " or being in 232 gear and doing 1,5k dps. And yet it seems i cant relaxe, because the minut i relaxe some DPS will get the aggro or i will just lose it and if i go "2sec, phone" alot of people will become very angry at me.

    Since ive got my full triumph tanking gear, i only use PuGs for frost emblems, but once a while a guild member will ask me if i want to do some heroics with him because he's newly dinged.

    And man im disapointed. People are very rude and if the group wipe its mostly "stupid tank".

    Im starting to get that feeling that nobody gives a crap about tanks anymore except we are those "meatbags" which allows them to see BIG NUMB3RS weee without dieing.

    So i ask my self, where is the "Yes we found a tank, about time " spirit ? Before 3.3 when a group found a tank, everybody was happy because they were really really hard to find.

    So now i dont give a f"#!k anymore, and because of that i made my self some rules when i do PuGs.

    Rule 1 When i been in que for 2 seconds and i found a group, i will say "Hi! or Hey" and greet them polite. and if people starting to "can we make it a quick run " before they even said "well hi" or something similar. I usealy respond with " Nah i want to make slow run " just to annoy the ^%$^ out of them. If the DPSer got a problem, change tank or become a tank your self.

    Rule 2 After the greeting part, i have a macro where i say something like " Hi im your tank tonight, blabla. dont over aggro blabal healer is my best friend ". And if people respond negative with " rolf noob tank, omfg you n00b etc" i will commonly use this phrase " Dont like my rules? Either kick me or leave, your choice " ofcourse i have never been kicked, and they dpser just magically shut up or if they continue they also magicaly is kicked.

    Rule 3 Judge the group. Am i dealing with players who knows TPS, threat etc. or a random paladin with "increase threat with useing holy spell " buff on while dpsing. If i play with those high gear players who knows what they do, i dont get mad if they ninjapull because they know the rules. If i play with people who dont know how the things work, i will take it easy. Rather 3-4 min longer instance than wipe.

    Rule 4 Which instance am i in? Is it Violet Hold or HoR ? If its VH it will be more easy than most other HC. The instances decides how serious and how "ready" i should be.

    Rule 4.5 If i get in HoR. Sorry folks. I will leave. On these following reasons. PuGs Always have idiots in the group, that idiot dont know killing order and that idiot also get aggro because he doesnt know LoS tacts. I have wiped so freaking many times in HoR, because of dps. So at the end. I give up . Mostly because you dont know the people you play with, and HoR is a very hard instance. In those rare situations where i actually stay, i will experince alot of over-threatting , and runing aroud and pressing "F" ( key bind for dark command ). Playing in HoR isnt fun for me, and i only play WoW because i enojy fun.

    Rule 5 Annoying players, many ninjapulls, stupid healer. DPSer going " brb phone " or "gogo, gogogogoo". I will leave.

    Rule 6 People who doesnt know their spot in the group. Like a DPSer with 6k dps that attack that mob far far away which i doesnt have much threat on, and getting threat because he attacks it and dies and the says "omfg n00b tank". I will either tell the person that his role is not to gain more aggro than i have on the particulary mob, and is to hit those mob i hit unless i said something else.

    Rule 7 Being in group with good dpser, good healer. Really is great. i freaking love it. Give me something to do, in that good way and not just running around and pressing Dark Command / N00b Grip all the time. When i get in these rare groups i freaking love it. The joy of everyone knows their group and is able to judge each other capatilibies. Its just so amazing

    Rule 8 Gear disrepecting, or your guys also knows it as " omfg only 30k hp in VH HC " sentence. I will just leave. I wont even bother with the group, rather wait 2 more seconds and find another one.


    Every "rules" i have is because of annoying stupid DPSer who doesnt know how a group work, and that you cant "relaxe" as a dpser can . Before 3.3 i really liked playing Wow as tank, it just now where many people are on a "emblem treasure hunt" that it ruins a huge part of the game. The rudeness have gone up guite abit IMO.

    Well my 2 cents. Please reply to my rules or play write you own" hand book "

    Sorry for my spelling, english is not my mother language Hope you can forgive me.
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    I agree with everything you have said. I just recently started tanking because our EXTREMELY casual guild needed another tank. I really like being a tank for the most part...caster DPS is still my first love though

    I have been reluctant to PUG becasue of what you have said. I have been DPS in many groups where the others are just plain mean to the tanks, as well as the healers. As a main DPS'r, i am actually ashamed of how folks are acting these days. I just don't get why people feel the need to be total pricks to another person.

    I personally care what gear you are in, or if its your very first time running that instance, I give everyone a chance, and show them the respect they deserve...untill they don't deserve it anymore.

    On the flip side though.....tanks that think they can solo run a heroic, need to be shot.

    Even as a DPS'r, I take a few seconds and see what gear eveyone is in, and use that to make suggestions on how we should run the instance. That is something that everyone should do before the run starts.

    Now for my rules: (when i do start tanking in PUGS)

    1. First rude comment will get you kicked. I don't have time for it. If I can't get a vote to kick, I am gone. Simple as that.

    2. If you pull it, you tank it. I won't even bother with the mob some dumb ass, in a hurry, DPS'r pulls. I will whisper to the healer at start of run to tell them not to heal that wanna-be tank.

    3. I have a 3 wipe limit. That goes for any roll I am playing. This only applies to the 5 man heroics. If its the ICC 5mans, I will make an exception, just depends on the reasoning for the wipe.

    4. Pull your own weight. If you have the ability do remove curses, poisons, diesease, or silence, you had better be doing it. I will ocassionally check Skada, and if i see DPS doing nothing but DPS, something will be done about it. I better never see a healer doing all the interupts and cleansing...some....but not all.

    I don't remember who said it here on this site, or what thread it was in, but it was a really good comment. If I see a DPS'r doing 8K, but has not even dispelled or silenced one time, he will go before the person doing 3K and dispelling and silencing as ofter and permisable.

    Anyway, most of these rules are about the same as what most tanks and healers will have I am sure.

    It's a shame really, that we even have to make rules. A little common courtesy goes along way, not to mention, some basic understanding of how to actually play your class.

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    Those are quite a few rules. I understand what you're saying and being in some PUG's sometimes can be quite tedius. But if you're finding yourself always upset and having to make 9 rules, maybe you should take a break from running heroics for awhile, or even the game. Sounds like it has stopped becoming fun for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludy View Post
    Those are quite a few rules. I understand what you're saying and being in some PUG's sometimes can be quite tedius. But if you're finding yourself always upset and having to make 9 rules, maybe you should take a break from running heroics for awhile, or even the game. Sounds like it has stopped becoming fun for you.
    Dont misunderstand me. I like tanking. But PuGs can really really annoy me sometimes.

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    WoW I thought I was harsh. My rules?

    1) Saying gogogo repeatedly after I ask you to stop means you look for a new tank.

    2) I pull as fast as my healer is comfortable.

    3) If you hit it before I do, you get to tank it until I have everything else under control. I'm not gonna let someone else die because I lost the other mobs while picking up yours. If you die, that's your own fault.

    4) If you intentionally pull before I or the healer are ready because we're moving too slow, I let you die. THEN I pick the mob up.

    5) As a healer, you get one free heal if you're standing around in bad stuff. I warn you not to do it again. If you do, I prioritize everyone else on heals, and get back to you if I can. If you die, that's your fault.

    6) I rarely kick. If you are extremely disruptive, if you spend the entire run on follow, if you don't actually DO anything other than click autoattack and take a nap, or if you are the sole cause of repeated wipes, I vote for a kick.

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    I have 3 basic rules for PuGs

    1. The speed of the run should be determined first by the healers ability to keep the group alive, and second by how fast the tank is comfortable with pulling. The DPS should be happy they got someone to tank and heal for them, and follow their pace.

    2.a Gear doesn't matter that much, everyone have to start somewhere. As long as people do what they should, and the speed is determined by
    rule 1, there is no need to be elitist. If you have to be elitist, you should do heroics with friends and guildies, not PuGing.

    3. Remember that you are part of a group, and if you can't work with the group or just don't bother, you shouldn't be there. If you act as a jerk the chance of getting kicked increases proportionately.

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    Honestly how many of these rant threads do we needs?

    Yes, dps are annoying.
    Yes, some people dont know how to play.
    Yes, u can leave a group because u dont like what other people are doing it, but they will just get the next tank in queue anyways, so the only person yo're really hurting is yourself.

    Take every PuG with a grain of salt, dont expect a 'super hardcore raiding structure' in a 5 man.

    And telling a healer to NOT heal a dps taking damage is stupid imho. They will die, and slow down the run waiting because they need a rez.

    Please stopping kicking the dead horse now and just let it R.I.P.
    " 'Thin' is a relative term..."

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    Agreed, too many rant threads, we have a blog system if you need to vent, post there, not here.


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