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Thread: Which Tank Advice needed.

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    Which Tank Advice needed.

    Hi all,
    I currently have 3 tanking characters. I was looking for an opinion on which i should try to stick with. I added "try" because i do find it hard sticking to one char, which is why i have 3 tanks.

    My DK tank is the best geared in full 245 gear.
    My Warrior and Paladin tanks are equally geared at around 4500 gear score currently.

    I have played WoW since the early US beta and have my own opinions, which i will keep silent on for the present, of each tank class.

    I enjoy tanking and being in the thick of things. I no longer raid apart from helping the guild when they do alt runs etc. I am really looking to pick one character to play until cataclsym. I want to know how the player base perceives the pro's and con's of these 3 tanks and which they would choose as their main tank.

    thanks in advance.

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    If played right, they're all on par in terms of taking damage and producing threat so the big pros and cons will be in play style. If your characters are all as geared as you're saying, then you know the play styles. Is your question more which tank do people like to group with?

    I like good tanks. I haven't really found one that I prefer to group with consistently. Although, I will say pallies in 5 mans that don't know how to manage their mana and drink every pull make me a sad panda.

    As far as tanking goes of my war, druid, and DK. I like the DW on the DK. It's just a lot of fun for me to play.
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    On Topic- Play the one you enjoy the most. End of story.

    Off Topic- This reeks of becoming a rock, paper, scissors thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaak View Post
    On Topic- Play the one you enjoy the most. End of story.
    Best Advice for this thread.

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