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Thread: HOR HC interesting find

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    Ah the joys of being a pally, Holy Wrath does wonders for CC when you have a bunch grouped up, it shuts them down. Repentance is nice if you can get one of the ranged adds while they are away from the group, with a 1 min lasting effect and CD, you have plenty of time to take out the enemies in melee range.

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    that nook is no good for me (Prot Warrior)

    i dont like the mobs being that close to the rest of the party, especially the casters.

    I stay by the front door, have casters/ranged up against the door while melee stand up front and pick mobs up as they run in. Being up front like that allows me to see what mobs are breaking off to go after the casters. At that point its a simple charge/intercept or even a taunt to pick them back up.

    one person, a hunter, said "that seems like a lot of running around" and it is... but when i've got 3 abilities that will move me from mob A to mob B in no time at all, it just makes more sense that way.

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    Well, Ret pallies have repentance, only HW is shared among specs, but it's good to have a real stun every now and then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    Neither is incorrect. The second is just as effective as the first but has more conditionals. It's also more reasonable to expect two tanks to perform okay than three dps to perform "better than blind, deaf, half-retarded, brainless dyslexic depressive enraged spamfest".

    Thankfully, for some reason, H HoR is sort of weeding out the bads. So many bads give up immediately upon loading the instance that the bad:notbad ratio is decreasing.
    The bit about weeding out the bad is certainly true. Forgive me, but it just annoys me that we have to come up with alternate strategies and group makeups from what is considered a "traditional group" because it's easier to have two tanks than rely on DPS to do something besides murder things.

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