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Thread: Halp! DK Blood tank Wftpwned on OS+3D 10

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    Halp! DK Blood tank Wftpwned on OS+3D 10

    Hi guys, my Armory and Wow-heroes (2714).

    I tried a Sarth 3 drake zerg earlier today, and got wtfpwned 4 times by Tenebron's Shadow Breath. I saved IBF and VB for as late as possible in the fight, but still got ended w/ 36k and 37k Shadow Breaths. WorldofLogs parse.

    We only needed a few more seconds to down him, but I just couldn't last. I bailed so my friend who put together the pug could get a more geared warrior tank, and they one-shot it.

    Is there anything more I sh/could have done to make to last a little longer?

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    You were doing it wrong.

    The "zerg strat" involves the drake being taunted off you and kited away as it enrages so you don't die. It eventually catches up to the person kiting it, kills them, and comes back to you. By the time it gets back to you, Sarth should be dead.

    But with the ridiculous levels of gear that people go in there with these days, it shouldn't really matter. When it was current content, BiS tanks were just over 30k unbuffed, maybe 32k or so, and DPS couldn't put out the 9-10k they can now, 4-5k was more reasonable, 6k if you were good.

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    Ah thanks, just found that strat on Youtube, that would have done it.

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    You could also use one of your cds early and ask for a healet cd after your cds ran off

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