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Thread: Fresh Meat needs advice ...

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    Fresh Meat needs advice ...

    Hey all,

    So this is my second post. My first was a kinda dumb one about DPS and why mine stank. Ends up DEF gear doesn't help much ! Now I know better.

    So I've been focusing on my tanking and gear set. I'm seeing that my aggro gen is ok, but not good. I assume it's 'cause my expertise is low. I've been told it's best to gem for stamina, but it seems my lack of threat gen isn't cutting it.

    I'm actually looking for some advice on how to re-gem and or enchant my current gearset for my tanking.

    I've also been searching for advice on a rotation, but to be frank it seems theres so much info it's hard to filter out yet?


    I also have not added any glyphs yet.

    Looking for suggestions.

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    You're looking for a lot of information. I would suggest reading the guide in my signature. If you have any questions after you read it, I will be more than happy to answer them! (as I'm sure the rest of the TS community will be just as helpful if not more).
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    You should change your spec a little, that might help with threat. Try using one of the Deep Wounds builds listed on the forums (15/5/51 or 15/3/53) for starters.

    You need to 5/5 One-Handed Weapon Specialization, 10% damage passively will also help in the threat department. I noticed you have points in Improved Rend, you shouldn't be using that ability as a tank (which could also contribute to your aggro problems).

    Your rotation depends on what glyphs you use, but basic ability priority is:

    Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate, use Shockwave and Concussion Blow every time they're off cooldown. Also, if you've got enough rage for it, always have Heroic Strike going (just spam the key).

    Good luck! hope this helps

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    I highly reccomend reading Aggathon's guide, loads of great information there.

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