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Thread: {H}<Completely Different> Terenas-US Recruiting HEALERS!

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    {H}<Completely Different> Terenas-US Recruiting HEALERS!

    And now for something < Completely Different >.....Progression raiding without the elitism.

    In life you will encounter certain situations where you need to learn to work with people who you don't necessarily like. This guild was formed under the principle that raiding doesn't need to be one of these situations. There seems to be this paradigm that in order to be a progression guild you have to give up the feeling that you are playing a game with a bunch of friends. This both false and silly. There is very little reason why the people who you surround yourself with to knockout the toughest content Blizzard can throw your way can't be the same people who you can enjoy endless hours of guild chat and Vent banter with. Granted they make up a much smaller subset of the WoW population than either of those groups on their own but here at CD we think the extra wait will be worth it. We spend 3-4 nights per week 4 hours per night giving 150%+ effort to get done what we need to get done.

    Below you will find the relevant info
    Raid Schedule is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday: 6:30-10:30 MST(server time) Tuesdays and Thursdays are added when new content is released for 10 man runs. Players attend either day depending on personal schedule and discussion with Raid Leaders.

    Guild Progression:

    Pre-3.1 Progression:
    • All heroic content clear (including 3D)

    3.1 Progression:

    • Heroic: The Secrets of Ulduar
    • (FL+4, Ignis 4 min, XT hard, Assembly of Iron Hard, Hodir Hard, Thorim Hardmode, Vezax Hardmode)

    3.2 Progression:

    • 5/5 regular modes 25 - 4/5 Hard modes 25 -///- 5/5 regular modes 10 - 5/5 Hard modes 10

    3.3 Progression
    • Saurfang cleared As well as the Achievement (server first) on 10 and 25
    • Rotface and Festergut Down first Week.
    • 7/12 ICC Regular Modes 25 -///- /12 ICC REgular Modes 10

    Completely Different: | Progression raiding without the elitism

    For questions regarding recruitment please Send inquiries to Turelliax or Shaidar on Terenas-US.

    We are recruiting the following:

    • Death Knight- Medium (DPS)
    • Druid- Medium RESTO HIGH
    • Hunters - Low
    • Mages - High
    • Paladins - Medium (HOLY is a high need)
    • Priest - HIGH
    • Rogue - Medium
    • Shaman -High
    • Warlock - Medium
    • Warrior - medium

    We are currently looking to add about 8-9 people for CORE raider positions for heroic anub and ICC. Especially healers and Excellent DPSers.

    We are mostly looking for DPS at the moment.. both ranged and Melee (preferably anything but paladins). We will always review well written and thought out applications of any class/spec. Dps with decent tank offset always a plus! also if you have any questions please feel free to email completelydifferentguild@gmail.com

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