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Thread: Epic newb moments.

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    I dread to think how noob I was at the very beginning. My original main toon was a rogue. I do remember reaching Ashenvale and upgrading my dagger with one of the white vendor weapons... I also started raiding MC with a hemo/daggers hybrid build which I might as well have made by rolling my face on the keyboard. Ignorance is bliss.

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    Ooooh. My shelved rogue! He was my first character.
    There I was, desperately trying to level my skinning/leatherworking because of the nice shiny upgrades I could build for myself. I'm a leatherworker first and a rogue second. That's what I thought. Well, a slight misconception on what WoW is about perhaps?

    Anyway. There I was. Level 9/10 trying to kill the level 14/15 pigs in Westfall for their hide. It was always touch and go. And if I managed to kill them I had a lengthy downtime. That's time that would have been better spent with, I dunno, leveling perhaps?
    Don't ask what happened when I discovered Stranglethorn. I also farmed the Worgen in Duskwood for ages. At least pulling multiple orange mobs did teach me CC skills. So when I entered Zul'Gurub for the first time I did only CC, save healers instead of, I dunno, stab stuff?
    I tried to finance my mount by selling leatherworking goods near quest points that required to turn in specific stuff. I spent ages in Southshore hwaking my wares. I dropped skinning/leatherworking in favour of becoming an alchemist/herbamentalist. I still have hundreds of silverleaf on some banking alt. Don't ask.

    Forrest of Elwynn. Ooooh! A river! What's beyond that?
    "You got owned by all level ?? spiders within a 4 mile radius. You suck on so many levels."

    It took me ages to find out that a dagger spec was terrible for leveling. That's patch 1.5 or 1.6. I always envied the night elves for their salto. That'd be nice to get behind a mob. I spent two days trying to do that salto.
    On a hoomin. Fail.

    Did I say that my first levels didn't come too quickly?

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    I have a moment of newbishness and a moment of inspiration combined. I've got a hunter main and back in the days when bullets were on the short stack I had a habit of occassionally forgetting to restock my Mammoth Cutters. One such occasion arose mid-way through our guilds first promising looking attempt on Kel'thuzad :S

    Yeah, not the smartest time to run out. I wouldn't have even been able to melee him sensibly since it would hurt with the frost thingies and my melee skill was no way near 400.

    In a moment of clarity I thought I'd chance my luck. I whisper our guild leader and see if he can pop out a Repair Bot mid combat. Success!

    Moments later I'm in the middle of a Kel'thuzad boss fight, chatting to the repair bot and buying some Frostbite Bullets off him! Restocked and fully supplied I'm ready to go. Somehow I still topped the meters.... :P

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    In the last boss fight of H UP, on my mage, we were frozen in fear as usual. The first time I was frozen, healer was yelling "blink, blink!" I'm scratching my head, why does he want me to blink? Apparentally you can get away from the fear with a blink.

    Just when you think about all the mechanics

    I don't know if this was a noob moment, since it was out of my control, but it was funny nonetheless. Heroic OK, we go to fight the insanity boss, and jump on the corner to avoid the mobs in the way going toward the 200% buff boss (I have a hard time remembering bosses' names lol). Near the end of the fight, I summon my mirror image that popped out of cooldown. Next thing I know the mirror image chased the mobs we were trying to avoid. I yelled "wtf" as they die one by one. Thankfully we had a good tank

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    My first toon is still my main however
    I didnt know how to use AH till lvl 35
    i thought tanking was just a case of smashing the **** out of one mob
    and in DM i never realised there was any need for a healer or a tank

    im sure there was others but i really had no idea,
    however they say ignorance is bliss...an to be fair i probably had more fun being ignorant to the mechanics of the game :P
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    Random heroic picks Violet Hold... ok, reasonably quick. Group seems decent, do the waves and first boss, then second boss comes, I see the guy head to the center-left to let the boss out so I get into position. I stand there tanking him and type out "if you get the debuff attack the little shadow things". After like 10 seconds I wonder why I'm not taking shadow damage. Boom, half the group dies. I'm confused, but me & the healer kill him. Then one of the dead dps types "you need to kite him". Whoops, I had mixed up Xevozz with Zuramat, so I just stood there and let the spheres run into us.

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    It wasn't a newb "moment" for me.... it was a newb year.

    *Shakes head sadly*

    I didn't notice the flashing talent tree icon until level 20 or so.

    My spec consisted of "oh, that sounds good, I'll get that... hmmm. The next tier of talents sounds crappy. What's in this other tree...?"

    My shaman wore leather, and eventually mail at 40, with a 1-hander and a shield (of course). But of course, it was the usual random mish-mash of random stats which make little to no sense on a shammy... especially one that didn't really have anything someone would call a "spec".


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    Why do they allow you to bring up the map and keep running?

    ....probably a joke for the GM's....
    RNGesus - Saving you unreliably since BC.

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    God I have to go back all five years for this...

    like 2-3 weeks after release I am getting really really frustrated with my hunter. Seems like even the first time I shot at a mob it would come off my pet and go for me.

    I rolled a shaman on a different server, and about 2 years later realized I'd never trained growl.

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