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Thread: Holy priest gemming questions

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    Holy priest gemming questions


    I'm Vampyrotica, a holy priest on EU-Stormrage and this for the past few years now. Although I never came accross any real issues, I'm very doubtfull on which gems to aim for as a holy priest in my gearset.

    Whenever I get a new item I'm always in doubt on which gems I should pick.

    On this link you can find my armory profile: The World of Warcraft Armory - Vampyrotica @ Stormrage - Profile

    My question to you is: which gems should I pick in the future when socketing a new item, should I replace any of my current gems for more effeciency?

    Any help on this subject would be very welcome

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    YouTube - The Weekly Marmot -- Priest FAQ

    She talks about gemming around 5 minutes in.

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    Moved to the HALP! forum where you'll get more attention.

    Armory link threads normally belong there =]

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