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Thread: Help me help my DPS

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    Help me help my DPS

    Ok , i'll be the first to admit that i know absolutely nothing about DK gearing , our guild has a few people that handle gearing advice . My one real question , is how exactly should a Blood DK DPS machine be gemming .

    As a prot tank the rules are pretty simple . As a DPS i imagine that certain caps need to be hit and there may even be an order in which these should be hit . Our best geared DK guildie is not someone i'd say is the most intelligent person , but someone who believes , with no doubt , that he is always right . And no one is ALWAYS right . As I am uncomfortable giving advice on something I have no real experience with , i ask for your help .

    Here's what I need in a nutshell .

    Cap numbers , and the order in which they should be hit .

    What you as Blood DK's feel is your best rotation for maximum damage .

    A non-cookie cutter spec that will help him in 5 mans and raids .

    ANY enchanting advice

    If you could also give me reasons WHY , so i don't sound like what I am , someone who knows nothing , that would be really nice too .

    Thanks in advance .

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    A link to your Armory would help.

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    8% is the hit cap for 2h DK melee hits.

    IT, PS , HS (Pest for AOE) , HS, DS...DS, (Pop Cooldowns here for maximum dps benefit..Hysteria for one) HSx6...Blood Tap Pest (refresh diseases)

    Depending on ur Gear.. either going to gem pure STR or pure Arm Pen if u can get the numbers for it..

    Enchant for more AP/Str

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Would be a good starting spec until you figure out what kind of help you want to be to your raids.

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    Hey there, here is something I posted on my guilds website to help a fwllow blood dk dps out, hope it helps you too. (some info were taken from websites like EJ, other info are from me)

    I thought I would share some stuff with you guys, as I see most of the dks here are blood speced, I will post on blood

    1- Q: What spec should I use?
    A: This one should work quite well, my friend.

    Okay, now we got that done... what next?

    2-QQ: (yes, cry cry) What sigil should I use?

    A- This one!! easy to get those emblems now a days, when you have equiped yourself with most emblems of frost stuff, you can buy this one. (don't waste emblems of frost on this one just yet, or you WILL get -50 dkp, if you are in doubt of what to get, you can ask me or our dk class leader, Tigerwootz, what to get.)

    3-Q: What stats should I prioritize?

    A: Well, thats a tricky one that always changes when you get new gear, but try and go for this:
    3.1- 280 hit rating (8%).
    3.2- 26 expertise (6%).
    3.3-When you have met all of the above, go for Strength only.

    4-Q: What consumables should I bring to the raids?

    4.1- A: If you have met 3.1 and 3.2 (above) requirements, you will want some Dragonfin Filet as food buff, if you haven't met requirement for 3.1 go for Snapper Extremes and if you haven't met 3.2 requirements you can go for some Rhino steaks.
    4.2-A: As of flask, we all know it should be Flask of Endless Rage.
    4.2-A: Potion? YES! You will want to use a potion of speed right before you cast DRW (Dancing Rune Weapon), you can make a macro for big damage like this:
    #showtooltip Dancing Rune Weapon
    /cast [target=player] Hysteria
    /use 13  (will use trinket 1)
    /use 14 (will use trinket 2)
    /use Potion of Speed
    /cast Berserking/blood fury(depending if youre a troll or orc)
    /cast Dancing Rune Weapon
    Now why do I have to do all that before I cast DRW? Because it will maximize it's damage!! Also, try and only cast this when you have blood lust on or something, cause the DRW will get it too!!

    5-Q: What should I encahnt and gem for?

    A: Follow this spreadsheet I made( am making) check bottom for Death Knight DPS.

    6- Q: I have my spec now, gems and enchants, but what buttons should I smash for pew-pew?



    now go pew-pew a bit more

    Hope that helps you out a bit

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    the spreadsheet you linked seems to be broken. (as a blood DPS myself i'm interested in it)

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